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Cars Tesla Model S and Model X changed the name, specifications and prices
In January 2019, Tesla greatly increased the price of cars Model S and Model X, as they have become more expensive by nearly $ 15,000. It was believed that [...]
Tesla introduced the first home charging station, which can be connected to a wall outlet
It looks like a regular Wall Connector Today the company is launching new Tesla home charging station designed for the modern home. New Wall Connector the [...]
Electric Cadillac wants to become a competitor to Tesla: will it succeed?
Car manufacturers in the near future intend to abandon the internal combustion engine and to switch completely to electricity. Small steps in this [...]
China has offered to Elon Musk to move. USA should think
It seems that Elon Musk still found a reserve airfield — and no, he’s not on the surface of the moon. During the visit, the Creator of Tesla and [...]
Elon Musk: Tesla Roadster will be a flying car
Tesla is developing a new generation of sports electric car Roadster, and from time to time there are new details. Earlier it was reported that the car can [...]