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This robot is capable of everything, the main thing — to be able to teach
Today robots are able to entertain, help around the house and even look after elderly people. But is there among them one who knows almost everything? [...]
From the parkour before the surgery: ten of the latest achievements of robotics
The robotic revolution may not come, but our mechanical brothers achieved considerable success. And now some of the leading experts in this area presented [...]
Created robot, who is not afraid of any obstacles
Most robots is very monotonous: they either walk on two legs, or similar to four-legged dogs. Researchers from Massachusetts northeastern University [...]
Amazon taught robots not to get close to people
In 2018, Amazon hired fewer workers than before — this is a clear indication that she is actively using robots. Unfortunately, they are not smart enough to [...]
Robot that will fold any of your clothes
CES never ceases to please an interesting and at times absurd gadgets, but this device you will certainly want to put in a bathroom or dressing room. [...]