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Artificial intelligence will determine your age on the intestinal microflora
Many bacteria and other tiny organisms that live in your gut, which is often referred to as the microbiome or microflora, to not just help you digest food [...]
An antibiotic prolonged life and protection from neurodegenerative diseases
For the development of new therapies, it is logical to develop new drugs. However, sometimes it happens that even well-known drugs can surprise and help in [...]
Opened a new location of the origin of blood cells in the human body
According to the publication, Cell Stem Cell, a team of researchers from the Columbia center for translational immunology a few years ago I noticed a very [...]
Video will help neurostimulation for epilepsy and protect from depression
Different processes in our brains, despite a rather good understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the body is still a mystery. In particular, it [...]