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How many times will greet the New Year the crew of the ISS?
Work on the International Space Station is not only a strenuous duty, experiments and dangerous spacewalks. The station crew is allowed to mention the [...]
NASA wants to continue to use the Russian Soyuz after 2019
Space Agency NASA would like to continue to use the Russian spacecraft Soyuz for transportation of its astronauts to the International space station even [...]
Cosmonauts return from the ISS and wireless high-speed tunnel Elon musk
Every Monday in the new issue of “News of high technologies” we summarize the results of the last week, talking about some of the most [...]
NASA astronaut revealed how he re-learned to walk the Earth
When the person is long in space and it is not the gravitation of the earth, then returned to the planet he may experience serious problems with spatial [...]
Russian 3D bio-printer printed in space 12 bodies
In space is very difficult to create something. All you need to bring from Earth. But if without any tools or even personal belongings to survive, but if [...]