The world’s first “hotel robot” fired half robots
The world’s first “hotel robot” has cut half its staff-robots due to the fact that they could not cope with their responsibilities. Of [...]
Scientists have found a way to accelerate 3D printing 100 times
Instead of the usual method of 3D printing of complex objects layer by layer using plastic fibers, scientists from the University of Michigan propose to [...]
We will all die from ice? Antarctica is melting away
The problem of global warming is not new, but recent studies of American and Dutch scientists are forced to look at it entirely from a different angle. [...]
Scientists: nuclear power is the only salvation from catastrophic climate
To reduce greenhouse emissions and save the planet from global warming, many countries are trying to switch to renewable energy sources. To do this, they [...]
In the African desert included the song that will “play forever”
One of the main problems of modern gadgets — they have to charge. In some cases this must be done every day (e.g., smartphones), sometimes you can afford [...]
The satellites captured the storm that lifts a 17-foot waves in the Pacific ocean
In the Pacific ocean, the raging storm, which despite its huge size, has no name. It is clearly visible from the orbit of the Earth — shocking picture was [...]
Startups on the extraction of minerals on asteroids began to close one after the other
If you, like us, watched the development of mining operations on the asteroids, the next news you obviously will not be happy. For the last two months, the [...]
Robot that will fold any of your clothes
CES never ceases to please an interesting and at times absurd gadgets, but this device you will certainly want to put in a bathroom or dressing room. [...]
Scientists: Use black holes for space travel, but only with caution
One of the most interesting themes in modern science fiction is the concept of using black holes as portals to another universe, time or dimension. Many [...]
The progress of mankind in the year 2018: what we have achieved as a species
Looking back and looking at the 2018, you can call it good or bad? Most likely, your perception of the year includes treating all the global and personal [...]
What to expect from science in 2019?
To predict the future — is not easy. This is dedicated to the entire discipline. Trained forecasters rely on data to seek out trends, observing [...]
China is threatening to seize the global market of electric vehicles
After the cultural revolution of the 60-ies and 70-ies, which caused damage to China’s economy, the country began to open its markets to the outside [...]
Climate change will turn all sea turtles into females
Gender of sea turtles depends on the temperature of the sand at the place of instillation of eggs. If the sand was warm, the eggs will hatch female, and if [...]
Created a biodegradable plastic, the production of which generally there is no waste
Plastic waste is a very important problem for the ecology of our planet. Take at least the Great Pacific garbage patch, the problem with that is I [...]
Want to walk inside the International space station?
To go into space would many, but only a few have the opportunity. You need to have a very good health, stable psyche and a very uncommon technical [...]
Global emissions of carbon dioxide will break the record in 2018
It is expected that global carbon emissions reached record levels in 2018, despite calls from climate scientists and international organizations such as [...]