What do people need to firmly establish themselves in space?
We take for granted that we live on a planet rich in life. More than 14 million identified species, high biological diversity on Earth is simply amazing. [...]
Why not save the Rover opportunity through the Rover’s “Kyuriositi”
On Wednesday, the us space Agency NASA announced the official end of the mission, the Rover “opportunity”. Research robot stopped communicating [...]
Elon Musk and SpaceX have filed a lawsuit against NASA
This is gonna be a bit of a scandal. Elon Musk and his company SpaceX sued the space Agency NASA to court — Yes, his direct employer and partner, after [...]
An experiment on the capture of space debris using the harpoon was a success
British experimental probe Remove DEBRIS successfully coped with the second part of the test systems for collecting debris, the first produced in space [...]
NASA is going to overtake Russia and China landed a man on the moon in 2028
In November last year, the space Agency NASA has selected 9 private aerospace companies that will compete for the right to development and delivery of [...]
Under the ice of Greenland found a huge crater: how many?
In November 2018 under the Greenland glacier Hiawatha has been found a huge crater with a diameter of about 31 kilometers. Geologists were very surprised [...]
A long stay in space reduces the efficiency of immune cells in cancer
Space is a dangerous place. Earlier studies have shown that a long stay in microgravity leads to loss of muscle mass and decrease in bone density can have [...]
The astronauts practiced moon walking on the surface of volcanoes
Mission “Apollo-11”, during which people took the first step on the moon, ended 50 years ago. At the moment the astronauts, it is important to [...]
Twins in space: how space travel affects the expression of genes
Scientists got a rare opportunity to see how the conditions on the International space station affected the gene expression by comparing identical [...]
We will all die from ice? Antarctica is melting away
The problem of global warming is not new, but recent studies of American and Dutch scientists are forced to look at it entirely from a different angle. [...]
The satellites captured the storm that lifts a 17-foot waves in the Pacific ocean
In the Pacific ocean, the raging storm, which despite its huge size, has no name. It is clearly visible from the orbit of the Earth — shocking picture was [...]
SpaceX will dismiss 10% of its employees to focus on the most important
Aerospace company of private space transportation, which will take us one day to Mars, reduces 10% of the workforce, almost immediately after the first [...]
The telescope “Hubble” has broken down again, and at the wrong time
Space Agency NASA on Tuesday suspended the work of the space telescope “Hubble” after the space Observatory was discovered the next hardware [...]
Tematycznego: icy object that we found beyond Pluto, resembles a snowman
While you celebrate the New Year and Christmas, the spacecraft NASA a 6 billion miles from Earth, gives us its first close-up shots, which hit the farthest [...]
What to watch in the New Year? Of course, the NASA stream on the edge of the Solar system
What to watch new year’s eve, the sound of glasses and the chiming clock? Of course, you can watch the greetings of the President or one of the [...]
NASA wants to continue to use the Russian Soyuz after 2019
Space Agency NASA would like to continue to use the Russian spacecraft Soyuz for transportation of its astronauts to the International space station even [...]
Member of the mission Apollo-8: the “manned Flight to Mars is a stupid idea”
Humanity has long been dreaming to personally visit the Red planet. This is a large-scale training and now are modeled and planned various options of how [...]
On the first day of the new year, the NASA probe will visit one of the most remote Solar system objects
Space automatic interplanetary station “New horizons” space Agency NASA on the first day of the new year is going to fly past one of the most [...]
Want to walk inside the International space station?
To go into space would many, but only a few have the opportunity. You need to have a very good health, stable psyche and a very uncommon technical [...]
Space telescope James Webb wrapped in a mobile sterile room
Before transporting the space telescope “James Webb” and to make sure that it will be kept clean and safe, NASA subjected it to a special [...]
In a strong inclination of the axis of Uranus is to blame for the collision with another celestial body
The strange orientation of Uranus in relation to all the other planets of the Solar system always remained a mystery to scientists. Its axis of rotation [...]
NASA astronaut revealed how he re-learned to walk the Earth
When the person is long in space and it is not the gravitation of the earth, then returned to the planet he may experience serious problems with spatial [...]
Scientists propose to build a nuclear drill to search for life on Jupiter’s moon
Scientists from the University of Illinois have introduced the concept of atomic tunneling drill for the exploration of the world Europe – satellite of [...]
Best space photos 2018
Suitable to its completion in 2018 was very generous in terms of space fantastic photos. Breathtaking images of nebulae, our Earth, other planets, stars, [...]
The probe “Voyager-2” reached interstellar space
Automatic spacecraft space Agency NASA “Voyager-2” has finally left the heliosphere – the region of space near the sun where the solar wind [...]