A simple medical examination has saved the lives of millions of women
Breast cancer is one of the most common types of dangerous diseases. Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, he is no longer a death sentence. Scientists [...]
Why not save the Rover opportunity through the Rover’s “Kyuriositi”
On Wednesday, the us space Agency NASA announced the official end of the mission, the Rover “opportunity”. Research robot stopped communicating [...]
Is it possible to learn in your sleep? It is possible
From chronic insomnia help audio books, podcasts, and sleeping pills. If you load books on all night, they will gradually penetrate into dreams. And the [...]
Airbus ceases production of the largest aircraft in the world
Beginning in 2007, the largest passenger aircraft in the world was considered the Airbus A380. Being a very comfortable and quiet, he won the love of many [...]
Under the Earth there are mountains — they are higher than may seem
The landscape of the Earth was incredibly diverse: on its surface is as smooth plains and deep trenches and huge mountains. The study showed geophysicists [...]
Under the ice of Greenland found a huge crater: how many?
In November 2018 under the Greenland glacier Hiawatha has been found a huge crater with a diameter of about 31 kilometers. Geologists were very surprised [...]
Multicellular organisms appeared much earlier than expected
Until now it was thought that most of the time the Earth was inhabited by a stationary single-celled organisms and multicellular creatures appeared on it [...]
Artificial intelligence will determine your age on the intestinal microflora
Many bacteria and other tiny organisms that live in your gut, which is often referred to as the microbiome or microflora, to not just help you digest food [...]
By the end of the 21st century most of the oceans will change color
Climate change causes significant changes in the state of phytoplankton in the World ocean, and a new study by MIT has shown that in coming decades these [...]
Proved that the female brain remains young longer than men
That between male and female brains, there are structural differences, scientists have known for a long time. So, in 2017, researchers from the Amen [...]
This robot is capable of everything, the main thing — to be able to teach
Today robots are able to entertain, help around the house and even look after elderly people. But is there among them one who knows almost everything? [...]
Three projects of geoengineering that can fix or break the Ground
From growing forest area of the continent to call for rain, scientists began to propose, test and even implement large-scale geo-engineering projects to [...]
In the Solar system, opened a new class of objects, which confirms the long-held theory
While some scientists are trying to find somewhere beyond the orbit of Neptune’s mysterious “Ninth planet”, others open new class of [...]
Scientists announced the creation of the medication fully destroys cancer
It is believed that one of every six deaths in the world arises from cancer of the lethality of the disease after cardiovascular diseases. Scientists from [...]
From the parkour before the surgery: ten of the latest achievements of robotics
The robotic revolution may not come, but our mechanical brothers achieved considerable success. And now some of the leading experts in this area presented [...]
Evil genius: Nobel laureate knew about the experiment with GMOs-Gemini, but… silent
The Associated Press reports that Nobel laureate and biologist Craig Mello knew about the pregnancy in China with the participation of children with edited [...]
The astronauts practiced moon walking on the surface of volcanoes
Mission “Apollo-11”, during which people took the first step on the moon, ended 50 years ago. At the moment the astronauts, it is important to [...]
The 10 most popular stories of the erroneous detection of extraterrestrial civilizations
Are we alone in the Universe? It seems the question of whether man once to establish contact with any intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations originated [...]
Twins in space: how space travel affects the expression of genes
Scientists got a rare opportunity to see how the conditions on the International space station affected the gene expression by comparing identical [...]
The dream of physicists: what colliders would be much cooler than the Large hadron?
If physics of elementary particles get their way, new accelerators will be able one day to thoroughly explore the curious sub-atomic particle in physics — [...]
The earth is under the eye of a supermassive black hole: should we be afraid?
Supermassive black hole Sagittarius A* at the center of our galaxy, not only sucks in nearby objects, but also emits powerful radiation. Scientists have [...]
Created robot, who is not afraid of any obstacles
Most robots is very monotonous: they either walk on two legs, or similar to four-legged dogs. Researchers from Massachusetts northeastern University [...]
Scientists: the immune system depends on the mathematical theory of chaos
The human body much is known, but the immune system is still under a veil of mystery. It would seem that it works as a well coordinated mechanism, but no — [...]
Russian scientists: Apophis could fall to Earth in 2068
In 2068 on the Ground can fall off the asteroid Apophis, according to the report prepared by the scientists of the Department of celestial mechanics St. [...]
The Japanese detector is ready to search for gravitational waves
In search of the best detectors of gravitational waves, scientists are looking for the cold. The upcoming KAGRA detector will look for the ripples of [...]