Cars Tesla Model S and Model X changed the name, specifications and prices
In January 2019, Tesla greatly increased the price of cars Model S and Model X, as they have become more expensive by nearly $ 15,000. It was believed that [...]
Hyundai has developed airbags from multiple blows
Usually during car accidents occur not one but several beats. The airbag could save the lives of occupants during the initial collision, but they are [...]
Elon Musk: Tesla will soon have “the time”
Tesla owners will soon be able to watch damage (and record them) that happen to their vehicles when left unattended. Tesla is Tesla Sentry Mode — mode [...]
Tesla introduced the first home charging station, which can be connected to a wall outlet
It looks like a regular Wall Connector Today the company is launching new Tesla home charging station designed for the modern home. New Wall Connector the [...]
Hackers will get the money and the car for breaking Tesla Model 3
Tesla is trying by all means to protect its electric cars from breaking, and it’s definitely something to work with. Proof of this are numerous — for [...]
Electric Cadillac wants to become a competitor to Tesla: will it succeed?
Car manufacturers in the near future intend to abandon the internal combustion engine and to switch completely to electricity. Small steps in this [...]
Where as Tesla is preparing its electric vehicles for use in winter conditions
Over conventional vehicles, powered by internal combustion engines, electric vehicles still have a number of shortcomings. This knows the hero of todayís [...]
Elon Musk: Tesla Roadster will be a flying car
Tesla is developing a new generation of sports electric car Roadster, and from time to time there are new details. Earlier it was reported that the car can [...]
Tesla raised the prices of Model S and Model X
Tesla January 14 will be removed from sale, the most affordable modification of cars Model S and Model X. this Twitter wrote the company’s founder [...]
How to build Tesla Model 3 from beginning to end?
The company Tesla for a long time could not organize production of electric car Tesla Model 3. She was going to produce 5,000 electric vehicles per week, [...]
On U.S. roads was seen a new version of the Tesla truck Semi
Will look like an electric truck Tesla was known long before the official presentation of 16 November 2017. This is not surprising — hardly any company [...]
Tesla has enhanced the security of their cars just by changing the lights
Car manufacturers are trying to achieve maximum safety of its equipment. To do this, they equip their protective systems, automatic piloting, durable [...]