Trump has set a goal to make America first in the field of artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence could be invented in the United States, but other countries, including China, Canada and France took major steps to support the [...]
Created a new service for people search “Vkontakte” pictures
A couple of years ago was a very popular service FindFace, owned by NtechLab, which allowed to find a person in a social network “Vkontakte” [...]
Artificial intelligence will determine your age on the intestinal microflora
Many bacteria and other tiny organisms that live in your gut, which is often referred to as the microbiome or microflora, to not just help you digest food [...]
This robot is capable of everything, the main thing — to be able to teach
Today robots are able to entertain, help around the house and even look after elderly people. But is there among them one who knows almost everything? [...]
From the parkour before the surgery: ten of the latest achievements of robotics
The robotic revolution may not come, but our mechanical brothers achieved considerable success. And now some of the leading experts in this area presented [...]
The opinion of a venture capitalist: the AI will replace 40% of the world’s workers for 15 years
According to one of the leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence, after 15 years, 40% of the work in the world will be performed by the [...]
Presented AI that creates their own news videos
The process of creating the news (especially news in video format) is time — consuming, but at the same time a creative process. And, apparently, the [...]
Try a graphical editor based on neural network
All we can draw simple shapes or sketchy people, cars and so on. But the real talent of the artist is endowed with a few. Oh and if it comes to photoshop, [...]
Is it possible to transfer data directly into the brain?
All our feelings are formed in the brain. Regardless of the kind of incoming information, whether the music sounds, any smells or visual images, all of [...]
MIT taught AI to write Christmas stories. But they turned out very strange
In the world there are already a lot of algorithms that are based on neural networks can generate a variety of works. They are still a little applicable in [...]
The algorithms of life and death: how to understand artificial intelligence that can heal people?
When it comes to the application of machine learning, most often the conversations are about the medical field. This is not surprising: a huge industry [...]
Google Lens recognizes a billion objects
In a relatively short time of its existence, Google Lens almost invisibly to most users, has become a powerful tool of recognition of different objects. [...]
A breakthrough in the industry: NVIDIA taught the AI to handle the game graphics
NVIDIA for a long time is a real “engine for progress” in development of graphic solutions. Its graphics are still some of the best solutions [...]