The most beautiful amphibious vehicle in history. Can you guess what year it was invented?

The car market right now is the struggle for the buyer. Automakers try to outdo each other, and often such a race leads to a heap of similar models, which is extremely boring and monotonous, but there are instances, in addition to the supercars, which surprise with their technical and design solutions. Among these Oldtimers will include amphibious vehicles. And though the demand for such cars is not great, enthusiasts around the world are trying to rein in both land and water simultaneously. These aspirations one day resulted in a model Evinrude Lakester, whose appearance surprises to this day.

Car amphibious — vehicle-all-terrain vehicle, equipped with one or more engines, able to move both on the ground and on water, on water and by air, and so on.

Amphibian, translating from the Greek, meaning “double life“, and in fact we can say that this concerns not only the ability of movement in different road conditions, but also their relatively hard fate. Obviously, amphibians are not for everyone, because there are not so many drivers who love to drive through the roads as much as walking on the seas. The majority of amphibians are used in harsh terrain, so this type of transport in some degree favored by the armies of many countries, including Russia.

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As for the Lakester amphibious, its fate is completely unique. This car was created in the seventies of the XX century by a famous designer Brooks Stevens. He is known to the General public for such works as the design of one of the first Harley Davidson motorcycles and creation of the Studebaker Gran Turismo. If Harley Davidson you know all, here is the Studebaker, in fact, little known to the Russian public, but the exterior design was very progressive for the 60-ies, so I suggest you to have a look at this car.

As experience in the design of the car Stevens was, he threw the puzzle is to create a buggy-amphibious, he did great. In 1969 he developed a Lakester, and though the car remained only a prototype, it became the star of the showrooms and was inscribed in automotive history.

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The most amazing in the boat that if you look at it from the side, it only gives the motor located in the rear of the car; if you remove the motor, then, in General, it was impossible to determine that it is not one solid car, and two different parts, joined together. In addition, Lakester motor is a unique mechanism. Stevenson went on a clever solution: he took the drivetrain from the donor Volkswagen and he did so, and wheels, and the screw was set in motion by the same 50-HP motor.

Despite the futuristic design, the price of this prototype I was very surprised. Despite the fact that to production of the prototype is not Mature enough, its going to sell at a price of $ 2,500. But $ 2,500 in the seventies and in our days it is a little bit different amounts. Searching information about the dollar and its purchasing power, I stumbled upon information that, overall, the prices were about the same as if we multiply the current by 4.

It turns out that in our days these car would have sold for about $ 10,000 (600-700 thousand rubles), which is very fair to buyers, but even a little cheap. We have already considered the question, how much should cost a car, and it should be said that the cost Lakester fair. Given its cool design and technically a good platform from Volkswagen, this amphibian would demand for the money.

It is difficult to say why this prototype never went into production model. On the one hand, the product is not for everyone, but rather for a small group of enthusiasts. On the other hand, in 70-e years was the oil crisis, and many manufacturers have reduced capacity on their models just to keep the market. Most likely, nobody wanted to experiment with such a specific car, and then he just threw in a drawer and forgot. Return to him once — is unknown. According to some projections in Alaska in the next 20 years will be 300-meter-high tsunami, so it pays to offer them Lakester as a machine for everyday (just kidding).