Asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus spread it on all surfaces

Summer, sun, walks, picnics – it seems that all is back to normal. The streets are again filled with people, and restrictions are gradually removed. However, according to the Director of the European office of the world health organization (who) Hans Kluge, in 11 countries there was a sharp increase in the incidence of Covid-19. In Russia, according to experts, the second wave of the coronavirus will come in two weeks, and the risk of spread will increase, if you do not follow precautions. Moreover, according to a recent study, asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus spreading on all surfaces.

The situation with coronavirus in the world

Of course, all of us are tired of the restrictions imposed due to pandemic Covid-19. However, there is something, what nobody should forget is a new coronavirus Sars-Cov-2, as protective masks, gloves and sanitizer with us for a long time. At least until then, until they invent a vaccine and will not produce the necessary multimillion-dollar scale. Read more about the international race for a vaccine, you can read in our material.

At the time of this writing, according to the data of the website of Johns Hopkins University, the number of infected Covid-19 in the world almost reached the 10 000 000 people. With the recent specialists of the Center for disease control in USA (CDC) expressed the view that States the actual number infected could be much higher than the official data and exceeds 20 000 000. But how is that possible?

Asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus

A new study published in the journal mSphere, was conducted after the who epidemiologists have suggested that asymptomatic carriers Covid-19 rarely spread the virus. Writes Newsweek, there are many reasons why some people have no symptoms Covid-19. For example, a person could receive a low dose of the virus during infection, which is quite likely, because people pay more attention to hygiene.

In the course of the study, the scientists took more than 100 samples of air and surfaces of the six wards, in which there were 13 patients with confirmed coronavirus, two patients symptoms Covid-19 did not profilelist. Samples were taken from the floor, mattresses, door handles, switches, sinks, toilets, and sinks, bedside tables, sheets and pillows. Of the 112 samples taken, 44 were infected with SARS-CoV-2. None of the samples of air were not polluted.

In total, the house of one asymptomatic patient was contaminated four surfaces – bed, pillow, sheet and duct. The results of the study showed that asymptomatic carriers of the novel coronavirus can be dangerous for those with whom they are in close contact. The researchers therefore believe that asymptomatic patients safer in hospitalsand not at home.

However, the study has some limitations. First, the researchers did not report whether the detected viral particles are viable. Previous studies have shown that on some surfaces the virus is rapidly destroyed or viable just a few hours. Secondly, the method that the team used for testing of coronavirus, often shows a false positive result. But despite the above mentioned restrictions you must comply with all the precautions suggested by authors of scientific work. This is especially true of those who knows or suspects that came in contact with the infected Sars-Cov-2 people.