Why I changed their attitude to the vacuum cleaner

When the house accumulate a lot of dust, and in urban areas this happens for a couple of days, it turns into a hotbed of the most harmful that can be in the air. Allergens, toxic particles, pollen and other small debris that flies in the air and we breathe. Often people are not in a hurry to get out due to the fact that there’s no time. It seems that you can do it in the weekend, and is just fine. All due to the fact that this is necessary to pull out a large vacuum cleaner, which must be included in the socket, then, if the apartment is large, it is necessary to switch it, and generally spend a lot of time cleaning. Is there a way to get out quickly and not even to deny yourself to do it every day.

How I feel about Dyson vacuum cleaners

Many people know that Dyson is almost like Apple, only cleaner.the brand produces and other devices. For example, my first acquaintance with the technique of Dyson happened when I in the famous Munich Hofbräuhaus faced with the Airblade dryer. It was already about 10 years ago and since then I have come to have a lot of respect. A few years ago I even bought a vacuum cleaner from this company and I really liked it.

Recently I started using a Dyson vacuum cleaner Absolute Pro V11. I already had experience with this type of cleaner, but I realized that Dyson is a Dyson, and the rest is something similar. Now I will tell about this cleaner, and more will share their experiences.

An overview of Dyson vacuum cleaner V11 Absolute Pro

Start with small features that need to keep in mind when buying this vacuum cleaner. Despite its low weight of only three pounds, this vacuum cleaner almost all the time hanging in the hand. Yes, the brush rests on the floor and rolling on it, but the body itself with motor and battery still have to hold in your hand. Some other brands all located at the bottom and for cleaning spent a little less effort, but the advantages of this arrangement over.

Disadvantages are the inability to easily change the nozzle, remove the pipe and use a compact cleaner for cleaning furniture and getting into hard to reach places. Plus, the battery and motor in the handle is placed so that the device is very well balanced. Simply put, this scheme, which is applied in Dyson Absolute Pro V11, is much more versatile, and turns from a simple vacuum cleaner electric broom at the combine to combat dust and dirt in the house.

If you look a little deeper into the characteristics of the first it is worth noting a container with a volume of 0.76 liters. Even in the presence of large debris, like crumbs or dirt from shoes, this amount is not enough for one cleaning, and the easy cleaning system which shakes the debris in one motion will give you the opportunity to get your hands dirty in the process.

The noise level of a vacuum cleaner is only 84 DB, and the battery life goes up to 60 minutes. This is sufficient to remove at least half of even the largest apartment. One and two bedroom be able to remove without re-charging the vacuum cleaner. For charging dock, which is hung on the wall. It is possible the old fashioned way to connect the wire, but hardly anyone wants to do it.

14 of the cyclones located at the top, not just create good traction, but bring it to 79 000 g. If you don’t know what it is, let’s just say that this is a very powerful suction power. The engine also is very powerful and spins up to 125,000 rpm.

To display all the information you can use the LCD display in the upper part of the housing facing the user. It also displays notifications such as a reminder to charge. So the real time is displayed the remaining time and prompt service. Under the screen there is a button of switching of modes, including, and suction power. The choice of mode will allow you to maximize the autonomy, regulating the intensity of cleaning. Pressing the button sequentially to switch modes.

Another important point is that you can forget about the consumables. Moreover, the filters screen out even the smallest particles, so they are also not necessary to change. They are cleaned, and the bag and there is no trace about this vacuum cleaner. Filters are very effective and are able to hold 99.97% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns. To give you an idea, about the size of some viruses that not even every microscope to be seen.

As a General does his army special, and here. Not to talk about the nozzles, each of which by itself is a separate gadget that you just can’t.

Nozzles wireless Dyson vacuum cleaner

All included with the cleaner is nine bits and two accessories to clean any corner of the house — from a huge carpet with a thick pile to a narrow slit in the sofa.

Most of the interest I have caused nozzle with soft cushion. She looks so bombyces that even sorry to begin to deal with the dust and soil her. Besides that she picked up a beautiful combination of colors is so soft that can clean even the most delicate surfaces and will not damage them.

Attachment with high torque designed to clean up dust from almost any floor surface whether parquet, laminate or carpet. On the rotating shaft of the nozzle has two types of bristles — red and black. The first hard and the second soft, but focused. Together, they will pick up dust from any surface. For this nozzle even has a special auto mode which will adjust the speed of rotation of the roller. It automatically communicates with the microprocessor of the engine and the battery and change the settings of cleaning. This will save the charge on the hard surface and turn on the maximum mode when deep cleaning carpets.

There are mini-electrobrushes with a rotating roller. It is needed to clean furniture from pet hair, dirt and dust. Not to mention that the roller brush is removed for cleaning and, say, remove the tangled thread or six fluffy cat. Previously, it was a big problem. Now all three compact nozzle with rollers versed by turning one lever.

There is complete and other attachments, namely, brush with a soft bristle brush (for delicate surfaces and equipment), brush with a stiff bristle brush (for tougher cleaning), combination nozzle (for cleaning gratings, tables, solid furniture and the like) and a crevice nozzle for narrow places. There are even flexible crevice nozzle and adapter for cleaning trudnostyah places.

Included is also a clip to attach the nozzles on the pipe cleaner. So they are easier to store and not lose. Two storage space is also on the dock.

What good is a Dyson vacuum cleaner

Speaking about the Dyson vacuum cleaner, it is easier to say than it is bad. Personally, I have only one niggle — wire. Will have to put up with the fact that it stretches from the dock to an electrical outlet or in advance to figure out how to package it into the wall. Otherwise no complaints whatsoever. This is a great vacuum cleaner. Though he is 45 000, but that does not negate the fact that they want to use again and again.

He is excellent in the hand, has a high suction power even on minimum speed. And most importantly, he has a lot of attachments for nearly everything, and to transmit rotation to them as built-in elements of the design that they literally do not notice.

Have you had any experience with this cleaner? If so, let's discuss it in our Telegram chat. Did you like it better than the wire?

Someone will say that 60 minutes is not enough. On the other hand, who bought an apartment or even a small house more than 60 minutes? Plus, if you do this regularly, you will never have to do it for so long.