What is the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly and why it’s dangerous for everyone

On our planet a lot of places that are considered to be mystical. Some of them become so because of popular beliefs or set of circumstances, but there are those where there are really strange things that scientists can detect, but can’t explain. Perhaps this is a normal stage of development of the planet, but it is possible that it is evidence of the imminent death of everything on Earth. The anomaly, about which speech will go today, not just deviations from normal values, but there are signs of violations of the protection of our planet from a very aggressive space impact. While scientists have found a way to tolerate it, but how long enough for such measures?

The South Atlantic magnetic anomaly

This area cannot be described as something mysterious and shrouded in legends, such as the Bermuda triangle and the devil’s Sea. In this case we are really dealing with the anomaly, which is very clearly recorded by physicists, but still can not be explained by them.

It all started in 2009 when the airline Air France, which followed the route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in 4 hours after the flight disappeared from radar and never made contact. The search operation lasted for several months, but eventually the wreckage was discovered and the experts started their study.

The investigation revealed an interesting fact. In the end, one of the versions was that the cause of the crash was the failure of the equipment due to the strong exposure to radiation.

This fact didn’t pay attention until, while in 2011 the space telescope ”Coro” flying over the Earth at anof 1000 km and making measurements in a flow of protons, found some oddities in their behavior.

The problem grew serious, and found that this strange behavior really is, and in the place where contact was lost with the Air France Board, the protons are significantly closer to the planet’s surface than in other places. In the end this place gave the name to the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly.

Where is the largest magnetic anomaly

The South Atlantic magnetic anomaly, which is sometimes called Brazilian magnetic anomaly, located in the southern hemisphere and covers a part of the Atlantic ocean and the territory of South America. This has been confirmed by accurate measurements. And determined that the area of this anomaly is 7.8 million square kilometers.

What is happening in the Brazilian magnetic anomaly

If you keep all the terms, we can say that the protection of our planet from a very active solar radiation starts at a distance of approximately 60,000 kilometers from its surface. It is at this distance the atmosphere and magnetic fields are beginning to struggle with emitted by the Sun rays.

At this distance, our planet is struggling with electrons. The protons pass on. Approximately to the level of 1300-1500 km from the planet’s surface. And only in the area of the anomaly, we’re talking about today, they go even further — to the level of approximately 200 km from the Earth’s surface.

In the end, most affected by impact of protons is not even ground objects or planes that are substantially below the critical level, and the satellites and space telescopes, flying at anof about 2000 kilometers. As a result of this exposure to unprotected electronics may start working improperly or even fail. In order to avoid this, for a few minutes some of the orbiters off the part of their equipment.

How did South Atlantic magnetic anomaly

The appearance of the anomalous magnetic zone is difficult to explain, but many scientists agree that it is a harbinger of major changes of Earth’s magnetic field.

Many have said that the poles will soon be reversed and the probability of such an outcome no longer seems to be something fantastic. This is more than real. Especially since this has happened many times in the history of our planet. Studying igneous rocks and their structure, scientists have confirmed that the periodic shift of the poles is normal and happens about once in 100-200 years. At the same time, they note that last time such a shift was about 600-800 thousand years ago. That is, it can happen anytime. Maybe in 1,000 years, maybe 2,000 years later, maybe later… maybe sooner.

Suffer from it all, but that does not mean the death of all life on the planet. Our ancestors and other organisms before them experienced similar turmoil, but the strain they had.

First and foremost, get those animals, who feel the Earth’s field and it is for them Orient themselves during seasonal migrations. Will be hard times for us, because magnetic storms can greatly harm all of our technical means, including satellites and communications.

Taking turns, the magnetic field must first greatly reduced, and then appear again, but in other places. At this point, the field will not protect us from the Sun, but it’s not critical, so as to cope with the atmosphere of our planet.

Additional evidence that there’s a big magnetic change are the observations of scientists, which indicate that over the past 150 years the Earth’s magnetic field has reduced its intensity by 10%. At the same time, the North pole is shifting every year by 20-40 kilometers. There are even arguments and vague evidence that before there were African magnetic anomaly, which has moved and merged with the South Atlantic.

The magnetic field strength is a value that shows the number of magnetic field lines passing through 1 square centimeter of the cross section of the field.