Vaccine COVID-19: the results of the first human trials

Tests of the first experimental vaccine against COVID-19 tested on humans showed promising results. And this is very good news, considering the current situation with the spread of the novel coronavirus – at the time of this writing, there are almost five million people infected, and the disease has claimed the lives of over 300,000 people. Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, causing COVID-19 for a few months, changed the world beyond recognition. Now, a simple trip to the store, as well as any out-of-home – a real adventure, because you need to wash your hands, wear a mask, goggles, gloves and it all properly removed and disposed of upon returning home. People around the world today are waiting for the vaccine, again to live without fear for their loved ones and for themselves. Tell what is known about a new experimental vaccine.

A vaccine against coronavirus – what should I know ?

Since then, as the world health organization (who) declared a pandemic of a novel coronavirus, was more than two months. All this time, scientists around the world working on the production of the vaccine. Needless to say, that in itself is a work on a vaccine is a daunting challenge. So, the researchers are still working on the production of a vaccine against relatives COVID-19, viruses SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS) and MERS (middle East respiratory syndrome) outbreak which occurred in 2003 and 2006 respectively. But at the same time has its advantages – many researchers have focused on the development of a vaccine against COVID-19, based on data already available (as a result of studying outbreaks of SARS and MERS).

Note that the natural host of coronaviruses remains to be established, and the most likely candidates are bats. About the reasons that these bats carry many dangerous diseases, see the article my colleague Daria Yelets.

Among the countries that have announced work on a vaccine against the coronavirus Germany, Russia, USA, China and others. So, according to scientists from the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei, in our country testing the vaccine on humans will begin in about a month and the vaccine will be ready in August. Of course, it is the favorable forecast of development of events, but the researchers themselves (as we are) I hope that everything will go according to plan.

What is known about the first vaccine against COVID-19

As writes Spanish El Pais, the first experimental vaccine against COVID-19, was developed by American scientists in record time, was successfully tested on humans. After the first test, the researchers assessed the vaccine as “safe and well-tolerated in General.” Subjects were 45 healthy volunteers. Antibodies to coronavirus were detected in eight of them.

The prototype gave rise to the first eight participants, the levels of neutralizing antibodies — the body’s defenses, which are associated with the virus and block its ability to infect cells, similar to antibodies found in the blood of patients who have beaten the disease.

The scientists write in the official press release of the study.

Representatives of the company Moderna also said that their experimental vaccine provided “complete protection” from the reproduction of virus in the lungs of vaccinated and then infected laboratory mice. The research was conducted in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases (NIAID) USA. After these first tests on animals and 45 subjects, the US government sanctioned the testing of the second stage from 600 healthy volunteers. If all goes well, in June, the company intends to proceed with the third phase – testing the vaccine on thousands of subjects to demonstrate its safety and effectiveness.

As noted in the who, to date, the list of experimental vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 was 118. Eight of them are already being tested on humans. However, experts warn that promising preliminary results, some of them do not guarantee neither their effectiveness nor safety.

According to technical Director Modernа, Spanish pharmacist of Juan Andres, who earlier in March warned that one vaccine is not enough to defeat COVID-19. The issue with vaccines, especially during a pandemic is, how many doses are able to produce. How many people will get the vaccine? Who decides that and how? Recall that this problem was well illustrated in the film Soderbergh’s “Contagion”: a solution to the problem of the distribution of the vaccine in the lottery.