The consequences of a pandemic coronavirus

As said Vladimir Putin in his new year message, from 2020, we live in a turbulent, dynamic and controversial time. But who would have known that the year 2020 will not be the solution to all problems of the past, and will bring us new surprise in the form of a pandemic coronavirus. Returning to the words of the head, what matters is the warmth of human relations and love for others. Thanks to the Domino effect of a small leak of the virus in a small Chinese town have led to the isolation on a planetary scale. In a pandemic, people had to stay at home with relatives, but prolonged contact with his family led to the fact that the warmth of human interaction turned into a fire of passion.

If conflicts in the family can be smoothed, the economic problems affect everyone and they just are not solved. To establish life we need to revive the economy, to launch the production, to put people to work. And if for some, isolation is a Paradise to an introvert, for others it is like a prison. Many tend to go out, go to a favorite bar, restaurant, coffee shop, visit a favorite Mall, and just a walk in the Park. But will these people that are so thirsty? The coronavirus has made adjustments in many spheres of human activity, but there is more that will not work to fix a simple lifting of the quarantine — human trust.

I do not live in a parallel universe or even in another country, so I understand that the issue of trust in Russia is not a question of measures of quarantine, and the national pain, which for some has increased manifold with the advent of the virus. And yet what has changed in human relations now? Let’s agree that we’re talking about people related to the pandemic seriously. And while many cry out that the virus is out, the gloves with a mask to wear. That is to say, trust but verify.

Let us examine the impact on trust in a specific example: going on a business trip by plane to another country. As you remember, to fly like we usually do. As around the quarantine, all sitting at home, atmosphere in home, I will tell you a story.

We came to the airport and was hoping to be the hero of the film “I am legend”, but the people in the lobby more than enough. After examining the audience, we hope that all these people are flying somewhere, but certainly not with you. Announce the landing, and most of the lobby went to the landing with you. Needless to say that the cabin was restless? All of these passengers exactly the same as you and thought I would fly in an empty plane, but there it was — in front of you filled with shoulder-to-shoulder double rows. Finding your place find a nearby location of your neighbor-fellow traveler in the mask, but he is in no hurry to let you in and sends to the remote Hiking tour, knowing that you are infected with a virus. Looking around the cabin and finding no empty space, we are forced to return to the scene and without the aid of flight attendants fight for his place, but grumpy companion in the mask hysterics. With grief in half you calm him down, but this is a temporary measure, soon it will burst again.

The entire cabin frantically rubs hands and all-around disinfectants. Supply of drinks in our economy in order to combat the pandemic is suspended, but in the first class carry ginger ale. Hmm, strange. I guess they all get it, or they do not mind. My neighbor again threw a fit and the flight attendant, solving my problem, asks me to come inside her. My nervous companion throws me in the back of the pungent phrase, and behind this we removed after flight attendant in first class. Here more availability and less noise, sit on his seat and rested his forehead in the window. Now you can exhale and relax, but the head pierces idea, “And how many more people resisted this window?”, and leaning back seat we wipe the forehead dezinfeciruyuhimi means.

It would seem that what I decided to ease off stories? I don’t weave conspiracy theories and do not escalate, but this story is not fiction, but the current truth of life, told with the words of the journalist “The Atlantis”, McKay Coppins. Though measures of isolation are recommended, trust issues from them is real. Why do I think so? Case study Harvard long 75 years. If you can talk about it in a nutshell, Harvard decided to conduct an experiment to find out what makes us happy and healthy throughout life, but the experiment continued. Generations of some of the participants did not even live to the end of the experiment, and the conclusion of 75 years of research were 3 very important lessons, which are primitive, but apparently so effective.

First lesson — social interaction, relationships with others are really useful and necessary. And their absence, loneliness is really killing. People with strong, numerous social relationships – with your loved ones, friends, neighbors – to feel happier, they are healthier physically, and live longer.

The second lesson — it is not the quantity of friends and not having a permanent partner. Most importantly, the quality of relationships with loved ones.

Life in conflict is literally harmful to our health. And families in which many fights and not enough warmth and caring are destroying us even more than divorce.

And third — a good relationship to protect not only our body but also our brain. Strong, reliable attachment stimulates its functions. People satisfied with their relationships longer retain a great memory.

This does not mean that the relationship needs to be straightforward. Many couples in the study in old age is able to rapidly emocionante days. The point is that in the midst of thethey know and feel that they are able to rely on your partner at a time when it is really bad and hard.

I started for the peace, but to finish necessary for health. In the era of the virus we locked together in boxes that makes us sometimes “hangs” out of the abundance of communication or noise, but do not forget the precepts of their ancestors, don’t let pandemic to break not only your body but also your mind.