The autopilot feature the Tesla will be available by subscription

Few are surprised by the fact that Tesla has offered the world something new and breakthrough. First it was electric cars in General. Of course, they existed before, including some of the first self-propelled wagon in history was an electric, but Tesla was only able to breathe in this technological direction of a new life. Then she started to engage in solar energy, batteries, and other benefits that can make our lives easier, better, nicer and more environmentally friendly. And still the company is engaged in the development of unmanned road transport. Given the prospects of this direction in the correctness of statement of tasks willingly want to believe. But there is one ”but” in this autopilot, which we’ll discuss today. As you might think, this ”but” is not technological. It is rather financial.

Autopilot Tesla

All (normal people) it is clear that the work of others, invested in the development should be compensated, and the money — back. This applies to any business project. The refund can be both money and other benefits that are of interest to the company. It happened with the Tesla autopilot, for which the company requests the money. However, it decided to change its approach and to choose a different distribution model for its miracle functions.

Tesla is working on a subscription pay-per-use “whole trip” to make the autopilot feature more accessible. It will appeal to those who just want to try how the system works, but not ready to pay for it once.

The autopilot Tesla there are a few fundamental differences that the idea of implementing other market participants who want to impose the struggle of the famous company. Chief among these differences is the failure of Tesla from lidars (sensors scan the depths of space). Instead, the focus is on computer vision technologies, which is capable to analyze what is happening, like a human eye. For this analysis, the computer does not need almost nothing but a pair of cameras. So, the system is very compact and does not require complex and cumbersome lidar.

Guide Tesla for many years believes that the problem of automatic control has become purely software. Then there are technical means of tracking the position of the vehicle on the road has reached a very high level — we only have to write the correct software. That is why almost all Tesla cars equipped with cameras to implement the functions of automatic control. To add software to them remotely.

How much is a Tesla with autopilot

That is especially important, Tesla began pre-selling package fully automatic control in their cars long before planned to complete work on the software.

That’s a pretty bold move that was criticised. Some complain that it is confusing customers. They think that Tesla cars are already able to fully self-driving, but it’s not. The company also has been criticized for his frequent change of package up and down, especially against the background that the some functions are not there.

In this video the autopilot avoid further collisions after a rear impact. People would not do it.

CEO Elon Musk clarified the pricing strategy of Tesla and said that the plans another increase in the price of the package, but with the addition of new features. At present, Tesla sells its stake full automatic control for $ 7,000. And so it’s not cheap, but will become even more expensive. Most likely, the increase will be from 1 July of this year.

Subscribe to the autopilot system Tesla

It is now known that Tesla is working to make the autopilot cheaper with the introduction of the subscription model. That is, the fee will be made as you use the autopilot. Code, allowing such operations, is already in the software of the car brand.

Selling the extra features of cars Tesla is not the first year, before some of them were already available. But these features were not very expensive and actually worked (for example, vehicle acceleration). It is not conducted to ensure that the users paid, but nothing received in return.

A new model of dissemination will allow people not to buy the autopilot system immediately and pay only when they use it. So it will be much more convenient, and most importantly, cheaper. One thing to pay $ 7,000 for the car function, and quite another to pay for it (or part of it) gradually for a few dollars, each time getting in the car and including the autopilot.