The airship can be a stock or to distribute in the cities Wi-Fi

In our time, there is good reason for the creation of airships. They do not need an airport or runway, they float across the sky. Amazon even plans to deploy one of them in the sky to help raise their warehouses into the sky, freeing them from having to worry about real estate.

The airship Maform called S. H. A. R. K., rises into the sky to help carry out a variety of activities, from research to services. S. H. A. R. K. splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen using these gases to achieve the buoyancy, while energy is required to fracture the water molecules comes from solar energy, with multiple panels on the upper surface of the airship.

At S. H. A. R. K. there are many applications, which allows him to use his aerial position for exploring the topology by scanning the cities from the top, the observation of the sky and even the edge of our atmosphere. He can either fly right over the cities, providing them services such as network coverage and Wi-Fi, or to scan the area for the atmospheric changes, especially in those places where they often originate tornado.