SpaceX successfully launched a spacecraft Crew Dragon to ISS

At the second attempt, SpaceX still managed to make his first manned flight into space. Thus, the United States first independently put a man in space after the program “space Shuttle” was officially closed. The company not only managed to get the ship Crew Dragon into orbit and successfully landed on the floating platform the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket. Now, U.S. astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will have to overcome the flight to the International space station and to carry out docking Crew Dragon to ISS.

The first manned launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon

Initially, the first manned flight of SpaceX was to be held on may 27, but it had to be postponed due to adverse weather conditions. The second launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon was held on 30 may 2020 in 22 hours 22 minutes Moscow time. Here is how it happened:

A few minutes after the start of the flight of the Falcon 9 rocket had separated the first stage, and successfully landed on the floating platform in the ocean. However, to see the return of the rocket in real time was impossible: in just a few seconds to touch the platform, the video image suddenly disappeared.

This has happened before, 12 APR 2019 SpaceX conducted the first successful commercial launch of the superheavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy. Despite the fact that at the convergence stage with the platform, the camera briefly disappeared, and soon the video began again, so we just made sure that landing on the barge was a success (if only SpaceX has not changed the level to another, which is highly unlikely). The company also explained the problem with the image of a technical glitch.

Do not underestimate the importance of a successful launch Crew Dragon with U.S. astronauts on Board. Not only is this the first ever manned flight by a commercial company. So the United States sent the first American spacecraft with astronauts from American soil for the first time since the retirement of the space shuttles in 2011.

Since then, USA has rented space for astronauts on the Russian spacecraft Soyuz, each flight there and back cost them in the $ 85 million (at a cost of $ 5 million). Now, apparently, the US will be able to refuse services of the Russian party on the transport of astronauts to the ISS.

And, maybe that SpaceX will conduct the first in a long time flight USA well, the moon. Now it will be officially certified by NASA for space missions.

Now SpaceX has opened all the doors — partly due to the fact that Washington now welcomes private enterprise in orbit. The most important thing in launching astronauts SpaceX not that they actually flew in space. The important thing is that they have reduced prices. They did amazing things that seemed impossible. Did something that couldn’t nobody in the world that did not “Union”. And this means that we face a new era of space achievements.

Landing of Falcon rocket SpaceX

It is important here that the crew module, like its rocket reusable is an important part of the business model of SpaceX, the calculated savings due to multiple usage. Multi-million dollar investments will be used again and not “thrown away” after a single use.