Select the love pictures of wildlife 2020

Offers little to distract from the already familiar “plague of everyday life” and look at our little brothers, but rather on their most funny photos. Each year, the prize Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards highlights the most funny photos of animals taken in the wild. Talented photographers from around the world manages to capture the moments when animals seem to have very human emotions and find themselves in a delicate and piquant situations. The competition is now in its sixth year, is free and is aimed at raising awareness about wildlife conservation. Note that to take part in the competition both professional photographers and Amateur photographers. Are you ready to see the funniest pictures of zebras, deer, bears and wild animals?

Funny animals and conservation

Let’s start with the fact that the call for applications is open for everyone until June 30, so if you are quarantined away from the noisy and dusty cities – go for it! People from all over the world send a huge number of photos of lions, owls, hippos and other animals, which managed to capture in a comic and sometimes comprometieron situations. When the photographer is in the right place at the right time, he manages to take pictures of emotional faces, postures and actions of our brothers.

Award Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, founded by professional photographer Paul Joinson-Hicks and Tom Salamon, working in partnership with the Foundation, Born Free Foundation, an international NGO specializing in the protection of wild animals.

Six years ago, Sallam and Joynson-Hicks have created a contest with the aim of raising awareness of a wide range of people about wildlife conservation. They hope that the photos will encourage people to shop responsibly, not to forget about the economical use of water and generally take care of the environment. Let me remind you that in 2019 the international panel on climate change (IPCC) at the UN has published several reports on the state as wildlife, oceans and Earth’s climate. Unfortunately, most scientists are pessimistic about the future, about the reasons which forced them to come to this conclusion read our material.

Funny wildlife photography 2020

As explained by the creators of Comedy contest Wildlife Photography Awards Forbes, in addition to increasing awareness of our planet’s inhabitants about the need to care for the environment, the competition exists to recognize the greatness of photography as art and more importantly, the greatness of the photo, which captured a wild animal doing something so funny that causes us to literally die of laughter. To participate in the contest by clicking on the link.

But what will the winner get? I’m sure you’ll like this: the photographer, whose snapshot will be named the funniest will go with a Safari in the Masai Mara in Kenya, and also receive equipment for Nikon cameras, software and a camera bag to carry it all. Judges TV presenter Kate humble and comedian Hugh Dennis, and a range of experts on wildlife photography.

Dancing on the sand

You just look at him! Brown bear at lake Clark, Alaska, hit the lens of photographer Janet miles. I note that brown bears are among the largest predators on the planet. Today, the habitat of the brown bear in Russia occupies almost the entire forest zone, with the exception of its southern regions. However, the number of these amazing animals is inexorably declining.

A serious conversation

Two deer in the lens photographer named Alvin Tarkis in Estonia, it seems, enthusiastic conversation with each other. By the way, on the territory of the country deer live for about 10,000 years! According to 2008 in Estonia, lived at least 63 000 of these animals. The researchers note that deer are not prone to changing habitats, and breeding season comes in the second half of July and first half of August.

Smile from ear to ear, though zavyazochki sew

That’s a great photo! And if not for the owls after a stormy night, I would call it the best. This funny picture was able to capture the photographer named Tanvir Ali, who saw the laughing zebras in Nairobi National Park, Kenya. By the way, did you know that zebras, unlike horses, it is impossible to tame?isolated cases still occur.

Pink flamingos – child of sunset

Photographer Tommy Mas who noticed that flamingos strolling through lake Magadi, Serengeti, Tanzania. And while you’re looking at the photo, I would suggest that you have long wanted to know why flamingos stand on one leg. Actually the secret is simple – they are so comfortable. Leaning on one leg, birds are making much less effort than if it relied on two. Thus, standing on one leg, these amazing creatures will not involve absolutely no the muscles your body. A study published in the journal Royal Society Journal Biology Letters

The seal and the greatest mysteries of the Universe

Don’t know what you’re thinking looking at this guy, but it is clearly something seriously puzzled. It is not excluded that the strongest surprise of the animal called a photographer by the name of Yoham Suggestion, which is quite close to the seal. Seals are carnivorous mammals that live in all the seas adjacent to the Arctic ocean. It is noteworthy that two subspecies of these magnificent animals are in the red book.