Mink – intermediate hosts of the coronavirus?

Some unusual news came from the Dutch scientists, a worker of the fur farms in the Netherlands were infected COVID-19 after exposure of Minks reared for the fur industry. To such conclusion came from Dutch scientists in the analysis of outbreaks on four farms in North Brabant. Note that this is the world’s first outbreak of the coronavirus in fur farms. The man in question, started to work well, but at that time, the infection on the farm was raging vengeance. He became ill with a mild form COVID-19 and now he feels good, writes Spanish El Pais. According to researchers, this is the first confirmed case of human infection from animals, as the sequence of the genome of the virus of both is almost identical.

Mink farm and coronavirus

According to the Federation of livestock farmers in the Netherlands, there are about 140 fur farms, which are home to at least 800 000 fertile females mink. The industry needs to disappear by 2024 for ethical reasons. In fact, on the outbreak of the coronavirus in fur farms the Ministry of agriculture of the Netherlands said in April.

Infection COVID-19 was confirmed in burrows, living on two fur farms in the province of North Brabant. The test for the coronavirus in animals conducted after some individuals have had problems with breathing. The obtained results led to the restriction of access to farms. In an official letter of the Minister of agriculture of the Netherlands Carola Schouten referenced by Reuters, said that the Ministry mistakenly believed the transmission of infection from animals to humans impossible.

Sick animals COVID-19?

If you carefully follow the news, you probably know that at this point on several occasions an animal is infected by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, causing COVID-19. So, in the United States tigers and lions contracted the coronavirus from the zoo Keeper, what more can be read here. Also confirmed infections of cats and dogs from their owners. In addition to pet susceptible to infection were the ferrets and intraspecific transmission of infection among cats and ferrets confirmed in the laboratory. However, evidence that infection is transmitted directly from animals to humans has still not been received.

COVID-19 is mainly transmitted by airborne droplets. This means that the virus is contained in tiny droplets that are secreted from the respiratory tract of an infected coughing, sneezing, or simple conversation.

Recall that today the main version of the flash COVID-19 is the transmission of the virus naturally from animal to human. Natural host researchers believe the bats of the owners of the genetic brothers of SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus-SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (middle East respiratory syndrome). As intermediate host of a new coronavirus scientists see pangolin – funny animals poaching endangered of extinction. This is because the virus found at the pangolin is 91% similar to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that fuels the hypothesis that the new coronavirus has passed from bats to humans through an intermediate host.

Mink – the intermediate hosts COVID-19?

But some researchers have a different opinion and called the fundamental source of the outbreak raccoon dogs – a wild night of animal-sized Fox. On fur farms in China these animals are grown in millions and in the past they had discovered SARS. The British newspaper The Guardian quotes the Director of the Institute of Virology of the charité hospital of the Berlin Christian Drosten:

Raccoon dog – a huge industry in China, where they are bred on farms and caught in the wild and all of the fur. If someone gave me a few hundred thousand dollars and freedom of movement in China to find the source of the virus, I would look for places where bred raccoon dogs.