Is it true that thousands of people in Brazil saw the UFO crash?

Well, fans of conspiracy theories, it’s your time! According to the latest publications in the world media, thousands of people in Brazil have seen an unidentified flying object in the sky. Needless to say that the numerous videos shared on social networks, has provoked a wave of very real madness. Reports that a UFO allegedly crashed in a Brazilian forest instantly went to Twitter after users have uploaded videos, which alleged an unknown object glows blue, red and yellow lights. On one video you notice that the lights arranged in a triangle. Eyewitnesses also report that Google maps has hidden pictures from the scene of a UFO crash. But what is the probability that this unidentified object is actually something from other worlds, and not regular satellite or drone, skillfully assembled by pranksters?

I see a UFO!

To understand what really happened in Brazil, it is necessary to turn to history. Hundreds and thousands of people around the world regularly report that saw a real flying saucer. Some believe that they were abducted by “little green men” and performed on them the most different, often of an intimate nature, experiments. So, men have traditionally taken the sperm and the female egg, or cut out the embryo (the list goes on).

To best imagine the stories of these people, remember one of the series "Secret materials". The main character was sure that his sister was abducted by aliens.

Astronomer and science popularizer Carl Sagan in his book “the World is full of demons. Science as a candle in the darkness” writes:

In 1992, the results of a survey conducted in USA showed that more than 6,000 American adults believe in aliens. But for some reason no one bothered to answer the question of why the creatures are so successful in physics and engineering – they can cover vast interstellar space, the ghosts go through walls, much less know how in biology? Why, if you try to keep secret, simply does not erase all memory of the abduction? Can’t? And why all of their equipment conforms to the dimensions of man and rather smacks of the equipment to the district clinic? What these multiple intercourse of aliens with people?

The first mention of “flying saucers” appeared in the mid-twentieth century. It was a time when humanity is preparing to travel to the moon and other planets. The idea that other, more ancient, and the development of civilization could reach us from a distant star system hovered in the air. At the same time all the readings about encounters with aliens and flying saucers based entirely on the testimony of witnesses raznostnykh and highly controversial. Someone the object is rapidly moving, someone on the contrary, froze in the air, and others were informed that the ship had the shape of a ball, disk, and even cigars. A UFO was buzzing, was completely silent or just sparkled, shimmering in different colors.

In fact, the majority of UFO reports were… honest. In most cases, people observed a natural, though not very common. So, some UFOs turned out to be high-altitude balloons, glowing nasekomye, optical illusions, mirages, planets seen under unusual atmospheric conditions, light refraction, meteors, artificial satellites, launch vehicles, orbit-facing it.d. Moreover, we cannot exclude that it could be a small comet which disintegrated in the upper atmosphere.

Needless to say that this area “the unknown” attracts a huge number of charlatans who want to earn on stories about UFO and aliens, which only need that to take your semen or eggs. His contribution in spreading the myth of flying saucers have also made journalists, writers, cinema, the Internet and social networks. Well what can I say, really interesting topic.

Witness videos UFO in the sky over Brazil. What do you think it could be?

I note that all evidence of the existence of flying saucers and grey (or green?) men were frankly weak and unconvincing. For the most part this evidence was generated by the credulity, delusions, ignorance of the laws of physics, fears, thirst for attention, fame, money. Anyway, to date there is no evidence that the mysterious objects in the sky, which from time to time misleading people – the alien ships. But, in that case seen in Brazil?

UFO in Brazil – what is it?

So many videos in social networks, you can see a bizarre glowing object – what is it? According to some eyewitnesses on Twitter, “something fell into the lake. But it seems not a satellite.” Then, according to co.Express, dozens of posts with the hashtag #MageUFO Twitter “disappeared” on Reddit “posts about the Brazilian UFO also began to disappear.” After that UFO-enthusiasts have shared the link to satellite image of Google Maps, which shows the woods in Colour, located to the North of Rio de Janeiro. In the picture there was something white bizarre. Instantly photo gave rise to several conspiracy theories.

A Google spokesperson tried to explain this mysterious phenomenon to the edition Vice:

In this case, what people see on the pictures is a reflection, which temporarily overloads the sensor of the satellite. Essentially, the sun’s rays reflected from the building surface at a right angle, what is temporarily “blinded” the satellite. This is a fairly common phenomenon.