How to become an expert in Data Science?

Quarantined, many have begun to learn new skills. Most offline businesses are unlikely to survive the pandemic, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that people become interested in programming, machine learning, and other professions that are most in demand in the next few years, but also mean work online from anywhere in the world. For example, the number of vacancies in the profession of Data Scientist in 3 years grew more than 4 times! Now such specialists are most in demand in the labour market, because they work in different areas.

Who is a Data Scientist

This profession encompasses many areas. See how smart phone recognizes your face and rasplachivatsya for a split second? Worked here a Data Scientist s. The use of intelligent assistants or voice typing? The same. Even when you pass the test of “humanity” (proving that you are not some kind of robot), this again are masters in Data Science.

The easiest way to analyze the work of such specialists on the example of the well known neural networks. Each “fed” megabytes of data is used to further train the neural network. Data Scientist s engaged in machine and deep learning neural networks with the use of mathematics and statistics, develop and use various models of Machine Learning.

For example, a neural network was trained using a sufficient number of examples. All cool, but now she is ready to process a new dataset. For the proper preparation of the dataset need to know what the experts Data Science.

How to work in Data Science

What’s the advantage of this profession over other online professions you don’t need to be a programmer from God or to have a degree in computer science. The best Data Scientist you get your skills, constantly working with models and datasets, solving specific tasks. Of course, the brain still have to work in the right direction, and that are designed to help special courses that allow you to learn the profession of Data Science from scratch.

For example, in the data SkillFactory recently opened the course the Data Scientist Profession with updated, more advanced program. The teaching staff is quite strong — the training will help the experts according to Yandex, NVIDIA and EORA. The latter implements IT-solutions for business using artificial intelligence. But the most important thing in the online school is not just forced to read textbooks and learn the theory, you can and do. Here give practical knowledge and database, algorithms, new paradigms of thinking. Not to mention the fact that you become part of a community of classmates and teachers (much like Oxford or MSU).

The main feature is that in SkillFactory you not just cast adrift to watch video tutorials and do the assignments. Students receive a personal approach, in which teachers monitor progress and stay in communication the entire course. Plus you can always obtain personal advice from the mentor and receive feedback on the work done.

What is the course? Step by step you will learn the skills that are mandatory for a Data Scientist: learn to program in Python (and learn Pandas for data analysis), learn how to work with machine and deep learning and neural networks. Not to mention such eternal things as mathematics, statistics and the units for Data Engineering. Such skills are prized in the market. Few people need an employee who knows only theory, so here is the training as practice-oriented.

After the training you will receive a new profession and will not be afraid of repetition of such crises, as they are now (and they probably will). The IT corporations business at this time are still good, and experts in the field of working with data is always needed, especially when millions of people sit at home and use the Internet services.

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To enroll in a course on Data Science