Found closest to the Earth black hole: is she dangerous?

Astronomers have discovered a new black hole that is closest to the Earth. The distance between the black hole and the Solar system is a thousand light years. Previously, the closest to our planet black hole was found at a distance of three thousand children of the light, that is, the new object was three times closer. The minimum mass of the black hole exceeds the mass of the Sun in 4.2 times. Can the new found object to represent a danger to the Earth, even from such a long distance?

The closest to the Earth a black hole

In an article published in the journal Astronomy&Astrophysics, the scientists said more about his discovery. The closest to the Earth a black hole is a triple star system HR 6819, which is distant from the Sun a thousand light years.

1 light year is the distance that light can overcome in one calendar year-about 10 trillion kilometers

Moreover, in order to see it, do not have to have a great Observatory: a clear moonless night a star system can be found in the southern constellation of the Telescope.

Study black holes, of course, happened with the help of special instruments and a 2-metre telescope at the Observatory of La Silla in Chile. With it, astronomers learned that the system consists of two stars and one invisible object. They came to the conclusion that it is “sleeping” black hole, which currently does not consume the substance. Because it still is quite far from the Solar system, it does not represent danger to the Earth and other planets.

According to scientists, the discovery will help them even better to look for other “dormant” or “quiet” black holes. They will monitor systems, similar HR 6819 to find other similar objects. Not forgetting about observing a burst of gravitational waves that is recorded each time after the merger of black holes.

What are black holes

There are two types of black holes: supermassive black holes at the heart of every galaxy and the black holes of stellar mass that formed after the death of massive stars (supernovae). It is the latter and managed to find a scientist in the star system HR 6819. Since a black hole is completely invisible, the only way to know that there really is a black hole, is to get close enough to see how distorted background light. This has been accomplished by the astronomers.

Supermassive black holes are far away and the threat to us can not imagine. In the center of every galaxy in the Universe there is one such hole. And in the milky Way is, 27 000 light years from us. In Andromeda is 2.5 million light years and so on. But the black holes that formed after the death of massive stars, really dangerous.

The problem is that astronomers can find black holes only if they are paired with a star. They see the “shadow” of a black hole, or the corresponding gravitational ring around the star that it makes. The reality is that only a small part of black holes is included in such a star system, and while this is our only way to detect them. Most likely, there’s a lot more black holes, which astronomers have been unable to find. And in the fall in a black hole is nothing romantic.

The solar system exists over 4.5 billion years, and all this time the planets felt fine, nobody interfered with them. Even if a black hole passed the Solar system a few dozen light years, it would significantly shifted orbit, and life would not exist, so no one would have noted this fact and wrote about it in our Telegram chat. However, the uncertainty can not scare. After all, 4 years ago, astronomers believed that the nearest black hole in three-thousand light-years from Earth, and now it turns out that three times closer. Who knows, maybe soon they will find another black hole at a distance of 500 or 100 light years? What would it be?

Not so long ago Love Sokovikova have looked at the question of what will happen if the Ground was a black hole. The point is, what side of the planet, which is closer to the black hole, will attract much stronger. According to the most incredible hypotheses, in the end, a black hole can either destroy all life, or it can move us to another part of the Universe or in another Universe. Until we know for sure, precedents yet was not (and good!).