Android TV will change its name. It will be more associated with Google

Many point to the fact that Google will decide to make a number of changes related to the operating system designed for TVs with support for Smart TV. The first may be a renaming – Android TV will soon be called Google TV.

Android TV, without a doubt, is one of the largest systems of Smart TV on the market,major TV manufacturers have their own solutions of this type (e.g. Samsung or LG Smart TV tvOS), a complete solution from Google appears in many models from different manufacturers.

However, the Mountain View giant intends to further increase awareness of this system – we may soon witness many new products, because the company intends to review opportunities and brand Android TV. One of the first steps is to rename this system – the group wants the author’s Smart TV called Google TV.

It will be part of a vast campaign aimed at the provision of services and devices that are more related with the company name. It is possible that the brand “Android” will disappear from other solutions offered by this company to further strengthen the brand power of Google, we can hardly expect that the name will replace the most popular OS for mobile devices, i.e. Android.