The test for the coronavirus to conduct at home

The FDA is an American Agency for the control of food and drug administration approved the first test kit for coronavirus created for the independent home inspection.

In recent months, many American biotechnology companies worked to create a homemade tester, allowing you to conduct independent research on coronavirus. Each of the projects had to go through the appropriate studies to obtain an approval from FDA. LabCorp test developed by the brand Pixel, is the first who got it.

The first home test allows you to take a swab from the nose on the same principle as for professional research conducted in the research centre. The main difference lies in the ability to perform actions independently in their own home.

According to the analysis of UnitedHealth group and the gates Foundation, the effectiveness of the method is equally accurate, and samples with smear in any case should be sent to a special laboratory to confirm the presence of the virus.

Test costs $ 119. The company responsible for its manufacture, has promised to provide priority in receiving American health care workers and persons providing first aid.