The spacecraft NASA will land on the asteroid Bennu

NASA is preparing to land on the asteroid Bennu, owned by the Apollo group and, consequently, the objects closest to the planet. After the completion of the mission the purpose of the probe will be a safe return to Earth.

The mission of the probe OSIRIS-REx cannot be attributed to simple. The landing should take place on August 25 this year, and has already conducted its testing. Everything to ensure that the probe was able to collect rock samples of Bennu and return to Earth. If all will be able to perform without delay, OSIRIS-REx will return home in 2023.

It is believed that Benn is a threat to the Earth. Hence the desire to study its composition. The probe is now circling at anof 1 kilometer from the asteroid, and 14 April managed to take it for a test closer to the future landing site. NASA also published a short video on Twitter.