The consequences of a pandemic: mountains of garbage and billions of damage

Now the whole world is sitting at home and not out on the street. But this can’t go on forever, in a month or two the quarantine gets lifted in many countries and people will go to work, study, etc. most Likely, countries will have to take tough measures to prevent new outbreaks of the virus. In South Korea and China, it is decided and ordered the population to wear masks and gloves. Of course States will have to keep closed restaurants, cinemas and other crowded places, otherwise remove the quarantine just doesn’t make sense. I can’t imagine in the near future, football matches or concerts filled stadiums or concert halls. It’s just insanely dangerous.

But the state will have access to shops, supermarkets, offices, universities and most importantly public transport. It simply makes no sense to lift the quarantine, people have to get to work, to go to the office and study. Without entertainment the world would be able to live without work and study there.

I understand that the shops will be lined in the queue we will stand in 2 meters from each other, their seats will be marked with red crosses and we will sit through one sitting. But what will happen in rush hour? What will happen on the escalators? We will not be able to keep a distance everywhere and always, it will create huge traffic jams.

And then the question arises: are all these people in the subway and the offices will wear masks and gloves? My answer is Yes, and it will be essential both from the state and from the people. I don’t want to let my wife or child in a public place with no means of protection next year, too great a risk of re-infection. We know that the virus “Spanish flu” had two waves, and the second stronger than the first. Already, many virologists predict a second outbreak of the coronavirus in October 2020.

The question then arises, how many will have masks to the population? How much will it cost and most importantly what harm these masks and gloves will cause the nature? We perfectly understand that the mask be disposed of separately, gloves are to be thrown into the common tanks and then thousands of years to rot in landfills or are burned in incinerators, and soot will settle in our lungs.

I'd really like to do some startup invented a mask and gloves from a material that is not harmful to the environment and degrades rapidly. Importantly, such a mask and gloves to protect not worse than usual. Another scenario is a reusable maskwhich can either be washable, or have removable filters (which are also going to waste). But what about the gloves, I don't really understand to put in his pocket reusable gloves is not an option, they must be immediately disposed of and to repeat it many times a day

I would like to say to those who will be speaking about the obligation of wearing masks: the masks you wear not only for yourself, but mostly for those people who surround you. The mask protects against saliva, we are allocating into the air during talking, sneezing or coughing. Don't even think to bring this up in the comments - South Korea and China spit in the face of his statistics, they stopped the pandemic from themselves the masks and isolation.

Now let’s do the math, as they say “on fingers”. One mask is worth 5P. (in normal times), you can wear it 4 hours, some models can be washed. On average, can take: one mask per person per day. Children, adults, the elderly — everyone will be wearing masks. Russia’s population of 144 million people, this implies that per day 80% of the population will be forced to wear a mask when leaving the house (assuming 20% are at home).

Gloves are more expensive, but they have two… about 8 rubles for a pair of gloves.walking all day in one pair of gloves is very hard, they quickly rush.

Now note 115 million masks will fly into the trash every day only in Russia, and 115 million pairs of latex gloves. I don’t know how much weight one mask or a glove, but I assure you 115 million pieces per day, it’s not KAMAZ, hundreds of truckloads of garbage. And so every day, day in and day out: in the trash, in garbage, in the garbage.

Total per person: 8P. + 5P. = 13 rubles a day, or 400 rubles per month. Multiply 400 rubles per month for 115 million and get 46 billion rubles a month on the mask and gloves.

If the word billion does not seem like much, let's repeat the figure of 46 000 000 000

But again, I’m not so afraid of spending which will have to go to the people and the States, and worried that the whole Earth will be covered with these gloves and masks. The nature of the damage can be caused just enormous and irreparable.

Just think, we thought you Russia, and in a world of 7 billion people. All of our estimates can be multiplied by 70! And how many years will it last?