The collapse of foreign market for new cars. This does not apply to one brand!

Associated Press reminds that the automobile industry accounts for 7% of the GDP of the European Union, and the closure of plants or partial restriction of production has affected 1.1 million workers in this sector.

In March in Europe, it produced 1.2 million cars less than predicted. In Italy car sales fell this month at 85%, France 72% and in Spain by 69%. In Germany, where recently there were restrictions, sales fell by 38%.

Most affected by the crisis is the massive market: Fiat Chrysler sold 77% fewer cars, the PSA group (Peugeot, Citroen, Opel) – 68%, Renault (Dacia, Lada) – 64% and Volkswagen by 46%.

Meanwhile, Ferrari stated that its sales remain exceptionally high.

The head of the group John Elkann said the new model cars “was enthusiastically accepted by the market”, in connection with the performance of the company’s record and allow her to “counter future”, which remains undefined in the epidemic and the lack of clear negotiating its continuance or recurrence.

However, the group Ferrari closed for sanitary reasons their Central plants in Maranello, which will soon be gradually opened, and meanwhile the company also released details for respirators.