Is it possible to turn Pets into vegetarians?

Dogs and cats are the main Pets people — in their natural habitat are the real predators. However, even knowing this, some avid vegetarians are attached to their strict diet and animals, offering them vegetables instead of meat, completely forgetting that can cause irreparable harm to their health. Very often these people use the argument that since the higher mammals (man) may refuse animal protein and feel good, then this diet will be suitable animals. But it is useful if in fact vegetarianism for cats and dogs? Let’s try to understand this together.

How long can the predators not to eat meat?

The fashion for vegetarianism among people has led to its spread and to Pets, reports However, few of us consider such a venture proper and ethical towards animals, by nature are carnivorous. So, both cats and dogs need lots of amino acids, the absence of which can lead to serious health problems. Moreover, the body cats can not produce taurine, a protein in big amounts contained in beef, chicken and fish. Without taurine cats at risk of developing a potentially fatal condition called dilated cardiomyopathy — a disease whose symptoms are extremely similar to heart disease.

If cats need a diet particularly rich in animal protein, with the dog still can be quite different. So, one of the reasons why ancient dogs went wild and became our companions was the food they offered our ancestors. And this food was not always meat.

In their natural habitat wolves obviously eat meat of other animals, but also know that they eat eggs, berries and even grass if they for some reason do not have enough vitamins. Gradually adapted to a diet with less meat and lots of vegetable starch, the dogs have acquired unique genes that enable them to digest alien food left for them around prehistoric campfires.
Although dogs can indeed live for a while without meat, long-term vegetarian diet, sooner or later can negatively affect their health, causing deficiency of calcium and necessary for life proteins and amino acids. So, without adequate amounts of meat, four-legged pet at risk to muscle tremor and cramps, and in severe case may even go into a coma.

Thus,a vegetarian diet has a positive impact on the environment in which we live, respect for predatory animals can cause irreparable harm to their health. However, environmental problems can be safely solved with the feeding of dogs and cats… crickets. To this unexpected conclusion came experts of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, who clearly “saw” his idea in East Asian countries, whose local population considers crickets a part of your daily and very nutritious diet. According to the food organizations, some insects, such as crickets and grasshoppers are particularly good options for obtainingforms of protein not only for humans, but also accompanying Pets.

Many studies have shown that crickets contain 65% protein by weight, while simultaneously being very rich in unsaturated fats, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.
In addition, the above-mentioned insects require far fewer resources needed when growing them on special farms. It is known that at present, a number vdohnovitsyaways of supplying organizations are already working on a new feed that consists entirely of protein insects.