How to make a mask for the face with your hands?

Today the most popular goods in the world are PPE – antiseptics for hands, disposable gloves, and protective face masks. So it is not surprising that these products disappeared from pharmacies and shops. Meanwhile, in some countries it is impossible to go outside without a protective mask is fraught with a fine and even arrest. Besides, no mask is necessary if you are ill or caring for an ill person. But where to get a mask if in pharmacies and stores you can’t buy them? Fortunately, nature has given us hands with which you can stitch – or just make a mask — how I did. Of course, this mask is not intended for use in a medical facility, but will be effective if you caring for an ill or are in a crowded place.

Whether you need to wear masks during coronavirus?

Yes. But first let us be clear: the mask, regardless of how effective they are, not guarantee 100% protection from CоVID-19. According to the recommendation of the world health organization (who), the most effective way to get infected with SARS-CoV-2 is to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and to comply with social distancing. Of course, in a perfect world each person would be a sufficient number of protective masks and this would help to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the reality paints a slightly different picture and masks are not enough. According to the newspaper The Verge, 3 April, the Center for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) in the USA have issued recommendations – now wear protective masks necessary for all citizens, not just those who have the symptoms.

Simple cloth masks to prevent the spread of the virus – so people who don’t know what is infected, wearing a homemade mask to not infect others. As shown by the results of a new study, people without symptoms can infect others and the virus can spread as we speak, or breathe. Earlier it was believed that the coronavirus is spreading droplets when a person sneezes or coughs. I hope the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation in a short time recommends wearing cloth face masks in public places. And in order to better understand what masks are different from each other and which of them are most effective, we ‘ve prepared an article.

However, the mask may need at home, if you are forced to care for a sick person or infected themselves and worried about the health of loved ones. Best of all, if you have two masks instead of one, so that you can wear one mask, while the second is sterilized. This article is a simple cheat sheet, which I hope will help you to make a mask with your hands. But if the house is over alcohol hand sanitizer, my colleague Artem Sutyagin in his article told in detail how to make an antiseptic in the home.

What problems might occur?

You see, in life there are different situations and sometimes these are banal, it would seem, things like a needle and thread may simply not be at hand. It is in this situation today and I was: what happened to the needle that I just bought – a mystery, but the threads were in abundance. Came to the aid of a little hand sewing machine which was waiting for its moment of glory for about six months. It is not clear in my problem or in the machine, but after two and a half hours and ruining a piece of cloth left lying sadly in the corner, and my hatred of needlework reached its climax. However, even if you don’t have a needle and thread or you, like me, stupid, do not despair, because the mask can be done without them.

How to make a mask without a needle and thread and sewing machines?

In order to make a mask of downright improvised, you will need:

  • Fabric (it is best to take a small cotton or synthetic scarf)
  • Gum (you can use hair bands)

Important! This homemade mask is not intended for use by medical personnel in hospitals and it is certainly worse than a mask that can sew, so it may not completely seal against the face. However, if you need to go to the store or pharmacy where there may be many people or to help a sick person, even a simple mask is better than no protection.

To make the most simple mask, I took a little cotton handkerchief and folded it in half several times.

Then, on each edge of the scarf need to wear a rubber (suit elastic hair band) – I got a piece of ordinary elastic bands, which can be tightened to the desired size and gently fold the two edges of the handkerchief at each other, so both bands on each side you can pull up.

Of course, this mask snugly to the face not too tight, so it is better to find a needle and thread and sew the mask. And if you have a sewing machine, no problems should arise.

How to sew a mask with your hands?

Despite the debates about which fabric is better to use for making masks – cotton or linen, in fact there is no evidence that these tissues are better or worse than others. So it is perfect fabric that you have on hand.

So, you will need:

  • Fabric (optional)
  • Line
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Gum
  • Iron

Once the right fabric is selected, cut a piece measuring 36 cm by 20 cm and fold it in half. Then make three folds so that the mask can be folded and then deployed. Sami folds should be approximately two inches in width. Every fold then you need a good iron iron. When all of the ironed pleats, open pleats and at each end of the mask put a small piece of elastic (elastic should be slightly longer in width than the mask). Then again fold the mask on already proglaseni lines and sew side edges with a needle and thread or sewing machine. And to make it easier, watch the video below:

If gum was not, instead it is possible to use a ribbon, string or heavy rope. The main condition – the mask should fit snugly to the face.