How are ghosts and a computer simulation of our Universe?

What if everything around is not real? Imagine for a moment that the planet on which we live, the Solar system, our Galaxy and ultimately, the whole universe, which we believe is endless, really nothing more than a simulation. I know it sounds pretty crazy, but some scientists do not exclude that the universe can indeed be modeled, and we are all nothing more than avatars. Moreover, reports of such phenomena as ghosts, strange coincidences and déjà vu might be the most “glitch in the matrix” – final proof that mankind is actually a kind of scientific experiment in which everything is modelled. As a computer game The Sims, only on a much larger scale.

Computer Universe

The idea that our entire universe is nothing more than a simulation, was proposed in a scientific article, a Swedish Professor of philosophy at Oxford University and Director of the Institute for the future of humanity nick Bostrom. According to a paper published in 2003 in the journal Philosophical Quaterly, there is a very high probability that we are living in a computer simulation.

    In the annotations to his work, Bostrom argues that at least one of the three statements is true:

  • Humanity will probably be extinct before we become postlude (hypothetical image of a man in the future).
  • It is highly unlikely that any post-human civilization will deal with simulations of their evolutionary history (or variations).
  • We are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

Hence, according to the philosopher, it follows that the belief that there is a significant chance that we will one day become postlude that control the modeling of the ancestors, the false unless we are currently not living in a simulation.The idea Bostrom –the latter claims not to have watched the movie “the Matrix” – fell on fertile soil. So, according to the head of SpaceX Elon musk, the probability that we are not living in a computer simulation is a billion to one. With Musk and Bostrom, according to TechWire, joint Kerry Gwynne, the scientist in the field of computer science. He suggests that in the future mankind may develop a simulation of their own Universe.

As Gwynne explains that humanity will inevitably create a reality indistinguishable from our own. View the successes achieved by the developers of video games – something that seemed impossible just 10-15 years ago, today is perceived as the norm. Besides, in games such as Stranding and Death Red Dead Redemption 2 is totally open world – this means that the player can move as he wants in any location. Bostrom also said that in the near future, computer games will be extremely difficult to distinguish from reality. According to the philosopher, the characters inside the games may not realize that they are part of the simulation. So we come to the stage where we can create a computer simulation of reality indistinguishable from the real thing.

Now, assume that the hypothesis is true and our life is actually a simulation. But is there a way to know whether we are part of a massive, life imitating games? The Gwynne believes that the first thing that you need to pay attention to is the failure in the system. Yes, just like in the movie “the Matrix” when Neo sees the same cat running along the corridor. All sorts of oddities, psychics, ghosts, and all the things from a scientific point of view, there is – there may be errors in the code, the “glitch in the matrix”. Thus, if we are on the way to the creation of the matrix, it probably created a more developed society. For example, we are.

And again, quantum physics

As you probably know, at the time, albert Einstein opposed quantum entanglement – the ability of atoms and electrons affect the properties each other even at a distance. Today we know that Einstein was wrong, and confusion is real. Moreover, according to quantum theory, elementary particle acquires a definite state only at the moment of observation. Not to mention the fact that scientists were able to prove experimentally, using a single photon that it exists in three places simultaneously. Read more about why quantum physics is so strange and why people like it quacks, read our material. But what if quantum entanglement exists in the human scale, thus creating a connection between creatures in simulations and… us?

Of course, this is a fantastic hypothesis. Like many others, for example about the existence of parallel worlds. However, ghosts and various paranormal phenomena most likely not a glitch in the matrix, and skillfully created by our brain-an illusion. Besides, there is no evidence in favor of the existence of psychic abilities, ghosts, demons, and mages. What do you think, is our universe a computer simulation? Let’s talk about it in the comments and with members of our Telegram chat. There you will definitely find the person by soul.