Detachable headset these smart watches will change the very notion of wearable technology

Many of us have phones, watches and headsets – all this sends us a notification (though different). They also allow you to access the voice assistant and almost all of your data such as calendar, phone book or other services.

The time has come when many users and, of course, the developers began to think, why do I need a separate device that is smart enough to have overlapping functions? Why spend the extra money on smart watches that monitor your health when your phone could just as easily do this if Apple or Samsung want? Or even your headphones that are surprisingly good “read” your heartbeat through the ear canal. Your watch is doing almost everything that makes your phone and the earphones are smart enough to make sure that you do not need to take the phone to select a song, call a friend or ask questions online.

There was anversion of the product called VOIXATCH.

VOIXATCH is quite a rational combination of three products that previously we had to buy separately, paying a fairly substantial amount. This is a smart watch that make almost everything that makes your phone… and guess what. They have a Bluetooth headset mounted directly on the hull that you can disconnect and use to make calls and maybe even listening to music. VOIXATCH is basically what happens when good technology meets good intentions.

The first smart watch with built-in Bluetooth headset, VOIXATCH, helped to open the world where the watch and the headset will become part of the system as a single product, which makes virtually anything could your phone without having to remove the phone from the pocket. Smart watch VOIXATCH equipped with LTE and GPS, have their own slot for the SIM card, voice assistant Google, heart rate sensor, gyroscope and a battery life of 48 hours.

VOIXATCH is the only smart watch that is easy to integrate a Bluetooth headset in your design. Headset (or earphone) is tight to the round the clock display is separated when you press the button when you need to use it. With microphone, speaker and Bluetooth connectivity 5.0 headset works in the moment when you connect, allowing you to answer calls using a smart watch, and send voice messages to people, listen to the audio or even use voice commands with the help of artificial intelligence of your hours. Removable Bluetooth headset comes with a talk time of 3 hours and can be instantly charged, being fixed again at the clock.