Creative soap dispenser that glows for 20 seconds while you wash your hands!

Instead of twice to sing Happy Birthday every time you wash your hands (and possibly sing it too quickly), a bottle of soap dispenser Lumo helps you need length of time to wash their hands, just turning the light on for exactly 20 seconds every time you tap on the spout.

20-second procedure of hand washing was prescribed by the who as the most effective method of neutralizing any virus that may be on your hands. Health officials and scientists argue that 20 seconds is enough to thoroughly wash every part of your hands and fingers, as well as to soap that you use, managed to dissolve the layer of protein around the virus and kill it… the only problem is that its really easy to forget when you wash your hands anywhere from 5 to 15 times in one day, every day.

What makes the soap dispenser Lumo, is quite simple. It provides a visual cue that lets you know when 20 seconds have elapsed… like a traffic light, but for the destruction of microbes. Just pour into your palm a little soap, and the plunger activates the light that is not extinguished within 20 seconds. As soon as the light goes out, you know that you can rinse your hands.

Soap dispenser Lumo was developed by Brandon Stormy, a mechanical engineer and an electrician who just wanted to help humanity in their own way, while his girlfriend, a nurse of the intensive care unit, fought on the front lines to stop the pandemic. He has developed and optimized the product, and even organized the production out of my garage.