Casio has introduced a watch for fans of NASA. Is it really space approach?

The famous watchmaker decided to pay tribute to the famous space Agency. A new limited edition watch G-SHOCK All Systems Go was covered with the logo of NASA.

The logo is not the only reference to the era of space exploration. On the strap we find the American flag, and the shape and color of the clock – hints of early models of the space Shuttle. As the packaging in which lay the watch is a small model that resembles a rocket of the type Saturn V. in addition, the device displays the contour of the illuminated moon on the screen.

The price was set at $ 130. However, it does not indicate the uniqueness of this model, and only a limited number available for sale.

It is a pity that such a renowned watchmaker like Casio, approached the issue of limited-edition pieces too superficial in the literal sense of the word, change the look, dashed off a logo and flag and… the usual functionality a watch has sold more than they are really.