Apple working on auto-darkening car Windows

Tinted Windows – nothing new in cars. They can protect our privacy or to protect from sunlight. However, the solution based on specially pasted films, carries a disadvantage in the form of a permanent effect.

Fortunately, Apple was going to solve the issue. From a newly discovered patent shows that the company is developing a technology based on the dynamic coloring. Thanks to her, the Windows in the car can darken and lighten depending on the time of day, weather and even the personal preferences of the driver.

In their patent application U.S. giant takes into account not only windshields installed on the vehicle, but any other means of transport, including trains and buses. In addition, there is also a mention of Windows in the buildings.

Given the long-standing rumors about the mysterious Apple car, this information can be very interesting. More recently, the company has also applied for patent on chair with the shifters, the innovation of which is the modified architecture of the fibers and the use of special rollers.