A new outbreak of coronavirus in China near the Russian border

More recently, looking at how China overcame a major outbreak CoVID-19 12-million city of Wuhan, one might think that the country has defeated the infection. However, the reality paints a different picture. So, the 10-million city of Harbin in the North-East of China was closed for quarantine. As writes El Mundo, in the past, this city was an important industrial base of China, however, during the outbreak of coronavirus it was almost unheard of. As at 23 April in the city near the Russian border, it was revealed at least 75 cases of infection. But how could the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country in which almost managed to fight off the infection? The answer probably lies in the citizens of China who returned home from abroad.

Draconian measures

Harbin authorities took draconian measures to contain the outbreak of coronavirus. Reportedly infected more than 75 people, more than 4,000 are tested for CoVID-19. As preventive measures, officials banned the meeting, have established checkpoints at the airport and train stations. Now, before entering any public institutions and residential complexes, citizens must show government-approved medical application. It is used as proof of the absence of the virus SARS-CoV-2 in the body. Also, residents must abide by the rules of social distancing, and weddings, funerals, public speaking and conferences is prohibited.

In General, in four districts of Harbin introduced a comprehensive control. The authorities promised to pay 2 thousand yuan (260 euros) for those who will report on the citizens who returned to the city but they hide this information. It is noteworthy that in Wuhan, according to Reuters, the former center for the treatment of viral atypical pneumonia, only two left critically ill patient.

All confirmed, anticipated and asymptomatic infections, as well as anyone who has had contact with the infected had been placed in strict quarantine. Neighbors living in the same building as the infected two weeks will be under surveillance around the clock in isolation. Recently, some Telegram TV reported the shutdown of water and electricity in areas where there were cases of infection. However, confirmation of this information could not be found. Anyway, China seems to have joined a global pandemic.

Where in China coronavirus?

As reported by officials, the virus is likely to have been “imported” into the city a student who had returned from the United States. For this reason, a decision was taken on the introduction of a 28 day quarantine for all arrivals from abroad. Now all returnees twice tested for coronavirus. Let me remind you that in mainland China had identified more than 82,000 cases of infection. According to official figures at least 4 632 patients have died. In total, hospitals in the country were issued 77 207 patients with coronavirus. Read more about how China fought the outbreak of the new coronavirus, read our material.

The student, known only by the name of Han, returned from new York to her hometown on March 19, according to the Harbin Center for control and prevention of diseases. Han went through a 14-day quarantine during which she manifested symptoms of CoVID-19, tests showed negative for the presence of virus in the body.

It is assumed that the neighbor of the infected students was 87-year-old man, who later held a meeting of residents, where they could get infected. An elderly man was hospitalized twice, which may have exposed others to possible infection. It is believed that man is associated with at least 78 cases of infection, including family members, patients and their families, and health professionals. If that’s the case and the student is asymptomatic carrier CoVID-19, it could mean that sooner or later almost everyone on the planet will be infected with the novel coronavirus. Which, according to the Chinese epidemiologists had already mutated in 30 different strains.