Xiaomi company “soared” on the podium as the third largest manufacturer in the world

Xiaomi has achieved great success, for the first time, she managed to enter the top three. Thus, at the moment, the brand is the third largest in the world.

Samsung first, Apple second, on the third Xiaomi, and Huawei on the fourth. Therefore, now looks the list of the largest manufacturers in the world. However, it may change, because these are the statistics for February. That’s when all the Chinese brands lost about half of their market share. The reason? Very simple – coronavirus. So, why Xiaomi quantitatively ahead of Huawei? For Xiaomi’s main market is China and India, which is not so strongly affected by the coronavirus, as China itself.

Now, however, the Chinese market is already recovering, and the virus came to Europe. Thus, we can expect a rapid return to previous form Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo. The largest decline now feel Apple (for which the key are North America and Europe) and Samsung (which in Europe is very popular). Coronavirus in Europe, the more will push Samsung to fight Xiaomi for India.