Why we touch their face an average of 15 times per hour and not notice it?

Outbreak of coronavirus has become a reminder that we touch their face an average of 15 times per hour. If you continue in the same spirit, to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus will be more difficult. At least so say the doctors and politicians. But when they suggest not to touch your face, involuntarily doing it themselves. In 2015 researchers from the University of Sydney recorded on video medical students, tracking how many times they touched our faces. Each of the 26 future doctors, under supervision, touched their face an average of 23 times per hour. In 44% of cases, the students concerned eyes, nose or mouth. But why is this happening and is there anything I can do?

Do not touch your face harder than it looks

Easier said than done. While the outbreak of the coronavirus has killed more than 3,500 people worldwide, officials emphasize that just one touch to germs on your fingers have penetrated into the body through the nostrils, eyes or mouth. The virus penetrates through the mucosa, so they easily become infected if you do not observe the rules of hygiene and poor hand washing. However, we reflexively touching the face to stop doing it is much more difficult than it seems. Writes CNN News, social networks is widely spread video, on which the medical officer of health of California, touches his face during a press conference advising people not to do this because flash CoVID-2019.

Like most behaviors, we begin to touch the face with from a very early age, and later it becomes a habit. However, people touch the face for a variety of reasons. The results of the study of the U.S. Federal government in 2014 showed that it helps to reduce stress and discomfort. We often touch the face in stressful situations. These movements are not designed for communication, so we performed almost unconsciously. Actually touching the person — so common that there is a web sitethat is using the web camera notifies you when you touch the face, and keeps track of how many times you do it.

Can I safely touch the face?

But if you do not touch your face so hard, is it possible to do something? Yes, as ways to reduce the likelihood of infection from touching the face exist. The awareness of such habits is useful when it comes to how to avoid touching the face. Identify triggers, such as a runny nose or desire to sneeze, very important. In this case it is useful to have around a napkin and make better use of it for touching the face than the hands.