Why patients with coronavirus can lose the sense of smell?

Coronavirus pandemic is not a joke played out around the world, and now almost at the slightest increase in temperature, the appearance of nasal congestion and sore throat, doctors recommend to convincingly pass the test of many a frightening virus. Do the symptoms of coronavirus is really so similar to the common cold, you ask? At first glance, all is well, however, experts have identified another possible characteristic feature of the disease — loss of sense of smell. The appearance of this symptom in young people may indicate so-called “hidden carriers” in the fashion industry, even if there are any other manifestations of the disease are completely absent. As is loss of smell with the infection that struck hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of our planet?

Hidden form of coronavirus

World-renowned coronavirus infection every day more and more spread on the territory of our planet. If earlier we talked about the virus and its mysterious origin somewhere in the distant Chinese province, now we already write about the worldwide panic and mass hysteria that causes people in developed countries to massively buy toilet paper. While people are trying to divide such an important resource, scientists continue to discover new properties COVID-19, some of which may seem rather strange and unusual.

We know that the new data that has been received from British doctors, can have a significant impact on people’s awareness of coronavirus infection. The fact that the results of the data collected from South Korea, China and Italy, about 33% of patients had marked or complete loss of smell, or felt a major decline. Loss of smell or anosmia is characterized by complete loss of sensation of smell. Moreover, loss of smell and taste can occur even in people who have no major symptoms of coronavirus infection include a fever and cough.

If you suddenly ceased to feel smells and tastes, then this could still be put up for some time. However, the loss of smell might not be the most unpleasant consequence of a viral infection because not knowing about her dangerous ability to hide in the cells of the body with a strong immune system, you can become an active distributor of this “evil” of coronavirus, which is running in panic the whole world and, of course, arguable.

Blame is the so-called “latent carrier” of the virus, which you and your doctor can not even guess. So, not feeling the smell of coffee in the morning, you are unlikely to pass the test COVID-19 or go into a mode of self-isolation. A well-known portal Bussinessinsider.com suggests that it is the “hidden” form of the carrier coronavirus infection could play havoc in the rapid spread of the virus around the world.

Some scientists believe that the severity of the manifestations of coronavirus infection can determine the age and condition of the body of the sick. According to some assumptions, this is why young people often get off with only asymptomatic or mild forms of the disease, while elderly people with chronic diseases are under much greater threat.

Experts believe that due to a developed immune defense system in young people is often just the virus settles in the nose and does not extend down the respiratory tract. This circumstance directly related to the present statistics, which shows a relatively small percentage of young people with a severe form of the disease. However, the virus still affects neural pathways and cases of coronavirus stops to smell. Fortunately, temporarily. After cure of the infection so unpleasant manifestation of the disease disappear, and people may again be able to smell surrounding objects.

Thus, if you suddenly lost sense of smell, it is highly recommend you to stay at home and isolate themselves for at least a few days. These measures will help to prevent the spread of the deadly disease, say British scientists.