Why coronavirus panic can be more dangerous than the disease itself?

The coronavirus, which most modern media has turned into a solid summary of medical news may not be as dangerous as the panic caused by exaggerated reaction to the spread of the virus which causes pneumonia COVID-19. To this opinion came experts from the University of Toronto in Canada, who believe that the effects of General hysteria can cause much more damage to the world economy than the disease itself. Is the situation with the virus indeed greatly exaggerated?

The real danger of coronavirus

Chinese virus from the small city of Wuhan, became world famous at the end of 2019, may be much more dangerous to the world economy than to the health of the inhabitants of our planet. Article this was written by a doctor from the University of Toronto Abdu Sharkaui, who believes that the panic about the spread of COVID-19 can lead to a number of unpleasant repercussions, which can be subject to long-suffering inhabitants of our blue globe. As the portal sciencealert.comthe wave of fear that hit the population, even the most developed countries of the world, contributed to the realization of a bad screenplay about a zombie Apocalypse, people massively stolen from hospitals and clinics urgent care mask respirators, which are really necessary for doctors working on the frontline; put up a fight over toilet paper and bulk buying all that may be needed for survival in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Being struck universal fear, they wear masks obtained in airports, shopping malls and cafes, thus creating the oppressive situation in public places and causing an even greater existential dread on the part of observers.

Hysteria in General, not only supports, but even stirs up a world government, which excessively restricts the movement of people across the globe, significantly reduces the level of international trade, but also disrupts the normal life of people and even economic growth. Thus, the mass closure of borders with China, restricting flights to the affected regions and significant reduction of export are wonderful ways how you can almost completely isolate a large country from the rest of the world.

Despite the active ranking situation in the modern media, Abdu Sharkaui sure coronavirus infection can be dangerous only for the elderly and individuals with reduced immunity. For all the rest of the virus can be quite as dangerous as we are told from TV screens, and the only thing that really can ruin the humanity in this situation, can become our own behavior and selfish attitudes towards others. Sharkaui apparently was referring to the widespread propaganda against coronavirus in countries such as the US and UK, where many shops suddenly found a shortage of personal care products, massively bought up in the event of an epidemic.