Why Australia bought toilet paper and how it relates to the coronavirus?

Coronavirus hysteria went around the world faster than the coronavirus: borders in a hurry are closed from tourists from China, airports are being checked for the sick, and in more or less developed countries to measure temperature, even in small shopping centers. Cut off from the rest of the world, the people of Australia decided to go in a highly original way in the fight against infection, starting to massively buy nothing but toilet paper. What caused such a strange behavior of the population one of the most developed countries in the world?

The lack of toilet paper in Australia

Alarm about the coronavirus has affected the entire globe, forcing some people to behave, to put it mildly, inadequate. Like preparing for the Apocalypse, the inhabitants of many countries hurriedly buy all that could fit in their makeshift bomb shelter, sometimes forgetting common sense. A vivid example is the behavior of the people of Australia, where today you can often see quite presentable at first glance, people fight over a roll of toilet paper. Psychologists explain such a strange behavior stress, however, not only the impact of negative emotions forces the Australians to leave the shelves with toilet paper empty claims portal news.com.

Dr. Paul Harrison, a specialist in human behaviour from Deakin University, explained the reasons why Australians are massively stocking up on toilet paper. According to his opinion, shopping has always been a good way of getting rid of stress, if we consider the behavior of the inhabitants of the capitalist countries, one of which is Australia.

Coronavirus for the Australian mentality may seem an abstract problem whose effects and consequences are unclear, and therefore cause fear. In such moments of crisis people are trying to somehow regain a sense of security, are drawn to little things that they can control. Buying toilet paper and cleaning products, people in developed countries could temporarily deaden the sense of lack of control and balance it with more positive emotions.

Another significant reason for this situation may be a secondary effect arising in that moment, when not succumbed to mass panic and people will not want to be without toilet paper, gradually becoming a scarce product. In addition, an unusual situation occurred on the background of the extremely low level of trust in politicians and institutions, which considerably aggravates the sense of insecurity arising from the population in a crisis for the country.

Although the purchase of toilet paper and other personal hygiene items can really help for a while to overcome existential fears, thanks to its “prizemlennosti”, and that’s why transmitted this simple action a sense of control over the situation, Dr. Harrison recommends to solve the problem with the alarm about the coronavirus via several other ways. So, one of the most effective methods of solving the problem may be not the purchase of toilet rolls, and the usual helping other people. Making a decision that carries some kind of positive emotional background, it becomes much easier to reduce the existing anxiety themselves, while receiving the heart award for a completed action.