V-shaped plane is energy efficient and has double the space!

Eliminating the difference between the cabin of the aircraft and its wings, Flying-V from Justus Benad implies a unique V-shaped aircraft design, which combines passenger cabin, cargo Bay and fuel tanks in the wings directly.


In the framework of the graduation project, student of the Delft University of technology Began Justus designed the Flying-V, which has a wider wingspan than most traditional aircraft, but offers twice as much space in the cockpit. Its improved aerodynamic design helps to reduce the overall weight of the aircraft, reducing fuel consumption by as much as 20%, making Flying-V is incredibly efficient for its power!

The interior of the plane Flying-V careful attention to detail and designed for 314 passengers. A V-shaped space of the cabin has an unusually wide cross-section towards the front, which is very similar to the concept MAVERIC from Airbus. Designed to help effectively distribute the weight, the experimental facilities include light fixtures that provide a comfortable environment for passengers.

A team of engineers, technicians and students from the TU Delft that have built scale model aircraft Flying-V with a wingspan of 3,06 meter with a test flight plan in the course of the year to measure its stability during cruising flight at low speeds and to calculate the correct angle of takeoff and landing.