Tesla can produce respirators, if they “will not”

Elon Musk, the founder of the brand Tesla, long known for its often bizarre Twitter messages. Recently, the excitement caused by his message about the possibility of production of respirators, if “will not be enough”.

A dialogue between a millionaire and a journalist of the popular service was the subject of criticism aimed at the Tesla brand and its factory in California state, Fremont. It turned out that, after the announcement of the quarantine, they are still working, despite the clear prohibition by the authorities of the district.

During the discussion, the reporter noted that as factories continue working people, they could produce the respirators, which are extremely useful. Such a decision has already been decided several other large businesses.

The billionaire assured that at any moment they can begin to produce the respirators, unless, of course, “will not be enough”. Excited, the journalist quickly face contorted, “because they have long been missing.” Calm the whole situation the owner of the brand Tesla, responded with a statement: “the manufacture of respirators is not difficult, but it can’t appear overnight,” and asked to specify the hospital in which actually there is a shortage.