Squatting is good for health

It is believed that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease in half. Therefore, people with sedentary work are recommended at least once every hour to get up from the table and do the workout. However, we have not tried to be more active, many of us spend sitting at 6.4 hours per day, and teenagers do not be active to 8.2 hours. This lifestyle undoubtedly affects our body, but in the world there are representatives of the people of the hadza, who are in a sitting position in 9,9 hours. This way of life has virtually no effect on their health because they used to sit on his haunches.

Interesting observations scientists have been written in the scientific journal PNAS. A team of scientists from the us state of California has studied the lifestyle and state of health of the people of the hadza. Their numbers for the year 2000 amounted to only 800 people, and at the moment they inhabit the territory East African country of Tanzania. Of their time they are engaged in hunting and collecting edible products. Sometimes they even hunt for hippos, but this task can handle only a group of at least 15 adult men. The rest of the time they, scientists, do things sitting around the campfire almost 10 hours a day.

How to relax?

Despite a fairly sedentary lifestyle, the representatives of the people of the hadza no obvious problems with the cardiovascular system. At least during the medical examination they had discovered problems with cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, which tend to increase with the sedentary lifestyle. It is believed that an excess of these two substances in the human heart blood circulation, which can cause heart attack and stroke. And they, incidentally, are the most common causes of deaths in the world.

Researchers believe that the organisms of representatives of the people of the hadza, there is nothing terrible, because they rest not lounging on a soft chair or sofa. As a rule, hunter-gatherers rest sitting on his haunches, knees or sitting on the ground in semi-prone position. They have activated a lot of muscle that the body always a little bit, but trained.

Harm to a sedentary lifestyle

But if you frequently lie on the couch, health problems could not be avoided. Sedentary lifestyle provokes not only cardiovascular diseases, but also obesity and cancer. Also insufficient physical activity can lead to a gradual weakening of the muscles and, as consequence, to decrease in strength and endurance. According to statistics, in the United States from the consequences of insufficient activity die each year 300 thousand people.

To avoid the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, as mentioned above, it is necessary at least once per hour stand up and do the workout. If a person works for a long time at the computer, it is important to ensure that the upper part of the monitor is at a distance of 5-8 cm above eye level. And the monitor should be at arm’s length to cause less damage to the eyesight and not to force a person to bend and spoil your posture.