Scientists may have discovered a new state of matter

The possibility of using the electric charge is a result of thousands of years of research into the nature of man. What exactly is lightning, people started to think almost since the beginning of its existence, but the true nature of electricity were achieved only in the XVIII century. Perhaps this time civilization was really the turning point: gradually developing and improving your knowledge of electric charge, the man has found a use in almost all spheres of your life. So, today, we all use electric lighting, use smartphones, computers and even electric cars to meet daily needs. Anyway, according to an article published on the portal phys.orgphysics from northeastern University have discovered a new way of manipulating electric charge. According to the authors of the new theory, the consequences of their findings may carry tremendous consequences for all mankind.

Discovered new state of matter

The ability to move, use and store the electrons is the key to the overwhelming weight of modern technology, regardless of whether we are trying to collect solar energy or want to play a console. New property electricity, first described in one of articles of the journal Nanoscale, can change our view of science: forcing the electrons are evenly distributed in a fixed crystalline structure, we can obtain yet unknown physics state of matter.

Swastikas Kar, associate Professor of physics from northeastern University, believes that the discovery may change the usual ways to detect and transmit signals from and to modernize the modern methods of storing information, giving humanity the opportunity that it could not even be imagined.

Observation of an unusual phenomenon occurred at the moment when the researchers conducted a number of experiments necessary with a crystalline material of a thickness of several atoms, which are known as two-dimensional materials. These materials are composed of a repeating pattern of atoms and are so thin that electrons can only move in two dimensions. Interacting at the quantum level, selenide of bismuth and dichalcogenide transition metal acted as “experimental” material, superimposed on each other like sheets of paper. Forming a fixed pattern, the electrons from the resulting strata have created a great array of the unknown science of matter.

When the resulting pattern showed a third layer which could come from any of the other two, the researchers blamed the observed phenomenon that an error could occur during the experiment. However, further attempts have led scientists to a similar result: together in a certain structure, the electrons formed a peculiar sort of “puddles” — a new state of matter, the only source which could be the presence of some of the potential holes created spontaneously at a combination of quantum mechanical and physical factors.