Scientists have developed a project that allows you to charge devices via Wi-Fi

The idea of scientists involves the use of energy terahertz radiation, which also radiates through routers that support Wi-Fi network. Theoretically, it will be used to charge the implant, and mobile devices.

All devices that emit a radio signal that is used to create wireless networks, also generate terahertz radiation. This is the range of electromagnetic waves that refers to far infrared range is between the microwave and infrared. The radiation has a frequency from 300 GHz to 3 THz (wavelength range from 1 mm to 100 µm).

Until recently, this spectral band was called “dead land” or “the forgotten band” because there were no methods to control their production, or even to detect.

The idea of using the energy derived from the T-radiation made by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA). They want to turn it into DC current, with which it would be possible to charge many appliances, for example, implants that are inserted into our bodies by doctors.

Behind this idea is the discovery, using the peculiar behavior of graphene at the level of quantum mechanics. If you connect it with the boron nitride, the electrons in it tend to move in the General direction (so-called diagonal scattering). If it is additionally supplied with energy in the form of terahertz waves (e.g., from a Wi-Fi network), they will flow in one direction and generate a constant current.