Found a way to get rid of complexes about appearance

There are very few people who are completely happy with your appearance. According to statistics, in Russia lives 70% of women and 63% of men who believe in the ugliness of his face and body. But scientists from the Spanish city of Barcelona are sure to get rid of complexes, just looking at myself through the eyes of another. After that, a big belly, and others considered to be flaws and some people don’t seem to be and so scary. But her body dissatisfaction causes people have eating disorders, because of which they lose weight and even more spoil their figure and health. But as scientists have given people the opportunity to look at myself from a third person view?

Eating disorder is a mental condition in which someone stops eating, or begins to overeat. Eating disorders are the cause of anorexiain which a person loses weight. A person might overeat and make himself sick so as not to gain weight is called bulimia.

How to love your looks?

That look at ourselves helps people increase their self-esteem, scientists have learned in the course of the experiment. It was attended by 11 men and 12 women aged from 18 to 38 years. They were asked to complete two questionnaires. First they mentioned if they have any eating disorders like low appetite or overeating. Secondly, they pointed out how attractive I think your body.

The collected data was used by scientists to create computer models of the body all the volunteers. For each participant, the researchers created three avatar. The first was created on the basis of what his body represented each person. The second was an exact replica of their bodies, with all the “flaws”. And the third avatar was the way people would like to see yourself ideally.

Avatar is a virtual model of a real person. Also a text called the picture of the person in social networks. And in Hinduism the avatar is an appearance of deity in the human world in human form.

For each of the three avatars of study participants take a look inside virtual reality. Wearing hats, people looked at the virtual body from first and third person. In the first case, if the volunteers were inside virtual bodies and saw them as we see our own bodies every day. In the second case, the volunteers were looking at their bodies from the outside. Then they were asked to assess the attractiveness of each avatar.

How to increase your self esteem?

It turned out that in the normal state, when we see your body in first person, we feel unattractive. But in spite of our own appearance, we can find very nice features. Especially strongly this effect was seen in women. In the experiment, some of them even changed attitudes to their appearance and admitted that they don’t look as bad as previously thought.

Scientists believe that thanks to this discovery, people will be able to take a new look on their appearance and enhance their self-esteem. As a result, people with eating disorders may also be less. It’s very good, because the refusal of food and attempt to avoid weight gain causing vomiting and using medications to have a negative effect on human health.

Really look at yourself through the eyes of others at home is not so easy. Just go to the mirror impossible, because it shows mirrored the image, while the surrounding people perceive you in a completely different way. To create your avatar for virtual reality professionals can only in 3D modeling — this is quite a long time to learn, and the ordering of your model can be very expensive. Besides, not every person is able to write their app for virtual reality. So that only leaves one more or less good option. You can search for friends videos in which you appear. Or you can ask to record a new video. Thus it is possible to accurately learn how to see the people around you.