Facebook and Instagram reduces the quality of the video in Europe

Facebook and Instagram join other providers offering video over the Internet, and reduce the quality of their own videos throughout the European countries. The company will reduce the bitrate of the recordings, which will lead to the unloading of the Internet on the Old continent, which is currently needed for millions of people working remotely from home.

Last week, the media reported that the European Union has asked suppliers viewing platforms to reduce the streaming quality. Netflix, YouTube or Apple have already done it. Now we learn that Facebook also followed them. Mark Zuckerberg and the company will also reduce video quality in Europe.

Facebook reported that in the European countries decreased the bitrate. This leads to the fact that the reproduced video consume less of the Internet, but their quality can rapidly deteriorate. This is illustrated by Apple TV+. The changes also relate to another platform owned by Zuckerberg and Instagram it. Here also reduces the bitrate.