Do I need to drink coffee to boost creativity?

Many people after waking up in the morning brew yourself a strong coffeein order to think better and generally be more energetic. Some believe that after receiving regular doses of caffeine, along with improving the functioning of the brain, they have also enhanced creativity. However, in the new study, American researchers found that caffeine can enhance human creativity and to help him in the creation of innovative ideas. They figured it out, inviting group of people to drink coffee and solve a few problems that need to be creative, fast thinking and a strong memory. These tasks, by the way, you can try to solve it and we are with you.

On the conducted research and its results were described in the scientific journal Consciousness and Cognition. In scientific work was attended by 88 people, which combined the use of coffee at least twice a day. Before the experiment they were asked to refrain from caffeine-containing beverages, including himself coffee, and black tea, as well as all sorts of energy.

How coffee affects the brain?

On the day of the experiment, volunteers were divided into two groups. The first group of people drank 200 milligrams of caffeine in a capsule, and the second gave the same capsule with placebo. Before drinking coffee and twenty minutes later participants completed a questionnaire that indicated how good their mood. The gap between the administered questionnaires were necessary because the effect of coffee occurs just about 20 minutes. After assessing their mood, the participants began to perform various tests.

Test of creativity

In the first test, the participants had to demonstrate their creative abilities. Volunteers were asked to write a list of unpleasant situations that might face the person who moves along the ground or air without any transportation. The level of creativity was assessed by how many options I received and how much they differ from variants of other volunteers.

Test of speed of thinking

In the second test, the volunteers demonstrated the speed of his thinking. They were given three words between which it was necessary to find something in common. For example, they could be synonyms or painted in the same color.

A test of working memory

In the third test the participants of the experiment it was necessary to further intensify his working memory. They were given a list of different words, and then asked to recall words related to a specific category. For example, if the list were the words cat, car, tree and a dog, with the luminescence of the category “animals”, the participants had to mention cats and dogs.

How to improve speed of thinking?

The results showed that caffeine is able to increase the speed of thinking. However, used coffee people have not shown much improvement of creative abilities and working memory. So, drink several cups of coffee a day, hoping to quickly create new ideas and surprising people a good memory, just not worth it. Scientists explain the futility of coffee in improving the creativity that creativity responds to brain activity in the alpha range. And he, as showed the results of past studies, aktiviziruyutsya in a state of quiet wakefulness. And caffeine is a stimulant that reduces activity in the alpha range and, logically, decreases creativity.