Coronavirus kills the sport on television. What comes to replace? Stream has collected almost a million spectators

Electronic car racing NASCAR is replacing that Fox Sports received in connection with the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus. The lack of sporting events impact not only on sports but on other segments. One of them is sports television, which remains, for example, to broadcast archival materials.

New way to lose viewers is to broadcast eSports events, which still occur. For this reason, FS1 decided to broadcast the race in eNASCAR, which took place on Sunday. Participation in the competition was attended by leading figures of these races.

After a few days the results were announced view this sorevnovaniya. It turned out that e-race gathered in front of the receivers 903 thousand spectators. This result surprised even Tim Clark, that is the Vice-President of NASCAR.

His idea to create e race was just to do something that in any way compensates for the lack of real sports. At the moment all those individuals who are responsible for the competition and TV, are planning to hold another stream this weekend.